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Do you ever wonder about what people don’t say in person, on blogs, over the phone, in an interview? Today was the last day for city workers in New York for Covid Shot or to be send home without pay. They shut down 150 ambulances, a dozen fire stations were closed and police precincts are being consolidated because of the number of workers who will not get the shot. Many of them are moving our way my husband told me happily.

It is interesting that many police from Chicago have moved our way. I wonder how they are handling the crime and how they will curb it: their city experiences are well received, I believe as they bring a different viewpoint to the venue. Some bloggers from these areas don’t talk about these things. I am not sure why.

Is it because it is better to ignore what is happening or to bide the time until things may change? What if thing don’t change? What if grocery prices continue to rise along with rents and owning homes become a dream for the new generations…can we exist in a void. Many of us continue with our jobs, our daily life and sometimes we don’t have time to notice what is happening around us because we are at work or at school or busy, busy, busy. In this case, we need others around us to notice. My husband notices. Sometimes I pick up on details through noticing those I work with, hearing stories, keeping my ears open. Sometimes a commute and reading the news on the weekend will help me pick up the slack.

The things we don’t say and need to say. I hope we all have someone in our life who reminds us of events happening outside our community, so we pay attention and not exist in a slog of one. Thanks for listening and reading! Now, I think I will do like a former student of mine mentioned revert to a bad habit: reading a piece of fiction to take the edge off reality. In this example, I still think this bad habit is not going to get me in trouble anytime soon. It beats waiting for bloggers from the Chicago and New York area to relate to us these realities and how the shortage of essential city workers will affect their life. What about when they call 9-1-1 and no one picks up? Enjoy your weekend!

How do make a new keto dessert?

How to quiet a noisy classroom without yelling?

How to find beta readers?

How old was Amy Winehouse when she passed away?

Will there be a Halloween this years?

What other books has Michael Koryta written?

Who is Chad Zunker?

How is bubble tea made?

Okay, I admit it…I have recently googled these items and they come up on my history of computer. If you really want a peek inside someone’s character, look at their history on the internet. It will tell you a few things. If I looked at yours, what might I see? Just to make you feel okay, you gave me permission because you like and trust me and having nothing to hide.

Now, I feel like we are playing 2 truths and a lie through social networks. Join in at your own discretion.

Good morning,

I noticed that I have picked up a few followers, so I decided to interact more by inviting you to ask me a question.

The question can be about my background or a topic I have talked about or baking: you might have noticed the theme involves cupcakes or about myself. Another blogger that I interact with, or just a question.

I have been trying to be more open, so go ahead and ask. This lets me know you are listening.  Note: this topic will close by the end of the week…….