What to eat for following diet for low carbs?

Coffee, black coffee, ice coffee, coffee with cream and stevia, Coffee.

Eggs and more eggs, including Jimmy Dean Delights-Egg’wich with 8 carbs and minus dietary fiber 2 so that equals 6 net carbs.

Turkey bacon, pork bacon, any bacon, yay!!

Light & Fit original Greek yogurt=plain for 7g total carbs. Tablespoon of frozen fruit including blueberries or strawberries. Sometimes as an extra treat a teaspoon of coconut cream. Heavy on the carbs, so tread lightly but delicious!

Did I say coffee?

Xtreme Wellness! High Fiber spinach & herbs carb tortilla wraps. Total carbs are 15 g -dietary fiber 11g=net carbs 4.

Cheese-yellow cheese, muenster cheese, swiss cheese, brie, blue cheese but no processed cheese.

Condiments-sugar free ketchup, mustard, soy sauce, horseradish, salt & pepper, etc.

Kefir-Love it from Aldi’s but there are many carbs so stay with one cup once a week which is 20 grams.

Did I mention tea? Ice tea, homemade…Lipton tea…Aldi’s tea without sugar and add stevia.

A glass of milk allowed but not too many. Cream or creamers is good as is fat so cream cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, butter, etc. Butter is allowed in coffee to give extra fat and energy.

Without carbs, your body must adjust to the new diet. You can do it but it will take time, discipline, and a little scouting to find recipes best for a low carb diet. They are out there and I will share some of my finds. If you eat some of your favorite foods sparingly, it is possible to succeed with a low carb diet. You might not see the weight loss on the scale but you will notice in your clothes as with time you can take off your pants without unbuttoning them. You will notice changes with your body. Keep the faith and thanks for listening. Your energy level will also rise with adjustment to the new diet.

Would you care to add any advice?