“Abu Dhabi Time” and “The Cold Zone” -I am as always excited to be included!

This week is spring vacation and I have been wandering around like the lost piper of Baghdad or maybe of some old story tale that you pick up to read to your child at night.I caught a vicious cold last week from one of the elementary schools I was in and passed it on to Michael. So, with the cold front on in Florida which means the temperature goes below 50 degrees, I have been trying to get better. I also have a 5 hour class one night a week at the military base. It is a new location and a new crowd for me, so I am learning on my feet. It is kind of like dangling off a cliff and I find that I often get lost on the base as the instructions I am given confuse me greatly: “Follow the path to the left past 10 traffic lights. Go past the first stop sign and then continue to the second stop sign which you will turn left.” Unfortunately there is a turn in the road with two stops signs which confuse me greatly but eventually I find the classroom.

I research past blogs and sometimes find they gave up, so I don’t want to stop writing. Sometimes my days and times are boring, but I like having this record of past deeds and experiences. Today I am nearing the end of the Spring vacation, so I need to make the most of it. I still feel under the weather but I will go exercise, shop for some ingredients, revise next week’s lesson, and make eggplant Parmesan as planned.

My husband and I are Irish but we don’t have any Saint Patrick Day events planned. Sometimes the best event for an Irish girl like me is knowing the house is safe, we are healthy, and the dinner is in the oven.



Jeani Rector, Editor
The Horror Zine
I just received notice that 4 of my poems have been accepted for publication in the print edition of The Horror Zine Magazine! I am excited about this!
Poetry is such a finely tuned art and not everybody appreciates the turning of the craft. Sometimes you send your work to some publications and it is not the right one, and so you try by fine tuning the words and fine tuning your intuition as to whom might be interested in your poetry, fiction, etc.
And then you feel happy because it is a big step!! Until the next step approaches and you have to begin fine tuning for that one.

I’ve never seen a diamond in the flesh
I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies
And I’m not proud of my address, in the torn up town
No post code envy

(Lorde’s Royals lyrics)

This is my short victory song kind of like Bruno Mar’s “Twenty-four K” where he informs the audience “It’s showtime.” Another editor is interested in working with me to publish two of my short non-fiction pieces: one about life in Abu Dhabi and the other about a visit to the DMZ on the border between North and South Korea.

I am in a good place working with the editor and amazed that the simple changes she made are excellent while not compromising my story.When I read the story,  I want to know the writer and then I realize the writer is me and I think “It’s showtime.”

I am definitely in a good place with everything happening lately. Thank you. I see some hard work ahead to continue publishing but it is a start.

I write this in fun and hope no one takes offense to the title.

Things I have learned in my life:

  1. Men, husbands, boyfriends, brothers, fathers don’t respond well to being told how to do something. They have to learn on their own.
  2. If you want to start a chain reaction, mention American politics anytime from now through the past 8 years especially if you are travelling overseas.
  3. The things you most fear don’t come true and those you don’t think about will give you the jillies one day.
  4. The other day, someone mentioned to me after a crime show that is most likely that I have probably met a murderer in my lifetime: the odds are good. I said, “As long as it is not you, we’re good.”
  5. The things you think you want and need are not the things you really need or want. A nice car is wonderful, but it is more important it gets you from place to place.
  6. If in your 40’s, you knew all that at 25, you would be sitting on the Ritz!
  7. People on your social media page are never as good in person.
  8. Cats have wonderful inner lives and communicate some things better than humans.
  9. It is better to have 2 true friends than 2, 000 on social media.
  10. Fortunes come and fortunes go, but the person who stays with you when you hit rock bottom is the person you want for the voyage.
  11. Things in the past were never as romantic or as good as we imagined them.
  12. If you have any insight, please share.

Just thinking aloud and Thanks for listening. Enjoy the weekend!

Things writers or those who think they might be writers don’t or can’t admit to.

  1. You know the short story an editor seems to like and even your husband likes: how long did it take you to write: 5 years or maybe 5 years you had the idea.
  2. Rewriting something maybe 100-150 times seriously even in your morning sleep.
  3. You secretly prefer rainy or gloomy days because you can write.
  4. You don’t mind having the house to yourself because sometimes when the tv is on in the background..even with head phones on, you can hear the hum of the football team.
  5. When you discover a new writer, you take it personally trying to draw connections between your life and theirs. How do I get there? One of these days gone by….
  6. Everything is seen as a potential dialogue or setting, perhaps moral for a story you have yet to write.
  7. On the days you do write, you allow yourself 3 cups of kick in the butt coffee made with your French press.
  8. You don’t admit to writing even with a best friend because you want it private until you get something published, so you kind of tease it along, “Ah yes, I did some writing,” and in response to the pause on the end of the line, you continue with another subject.
  9. You review old journals searching for possible themes to write about.
  10. A country or a new concept may be put into good use for your book fodder or folder.
  11. You collect files on your desktop “Eve’s writing” a flash drive, and a folder on the second computer (hardtop) in the house.
  12. Some days you pray. And on the days you pray, you continue your applications for a full-time position. Yet, you don’t stop buying those scratch off lotteries because you never know.
  13. And you keep sending those submissions in, because in between part time jobs and temporary positions, just like the lottery, you don’t know when the right one will explode. So you keep scratching, chewing the dill, and moving on.

Thanks for listening