What is a neighborhood? Is it static or electric? Should it include people whose faces are recognizable and those who will look out for you and your home along the way? How many of us have that nowadays? The other day a bicyclist came up our drive and stopped in the middle observing our home. […]

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“The Bird with no Feet Sleeps in the Wind” is a proverb I heard the other day. If you are like some writers, when you hear something good: your first instinct is to write it down capturing the essence before you lose it. I have spent many a hour trying to remember something I heard or read thinking “maybe I can use this.” Are you like this? Maybe.

I heard this on the track of a movie “Gold” about a man who searches for the illusory gold while mining in Africa. In the end, he is conned out of money by a very smart guy who outmaneuvers him forcing his hand. There is a twist surprise ending that will bring a smile to your soul. Is the story true? No, it is not. Unfortunately, but it was very entertaining to watch.

Sometimes the best escape is a good song, one which we just can’t release bringing back some great memories or a show on Netflix like “Ozark” which is so unbelievable that you are forced to research just “exactly where the Ozarks are?” And then you want to visit when you view pictures of the mountains and the greenery bringing back memories of your childhood in the Catskills. Of course, all sorts of unsavory things may have been happening all the time, but as your family was a huge first on the discussion list being from “the City” you never knew but you can identify certainly with the antics of the summer people and those who left for elsewhere. And how you wished to go elsewhere just like the daughter in “Ozarks.” The best elsewhere one summer was a long visit to Westhampton Beach to see your cousins.You remember swimming in the ocean; visiting the country club with June; cocktails in the evening and reading copious Nancy Drew novels with your cousin.

Times change as the beat continues but one thing which remains is the music you listened to while creating the memories. Seize the day. Best wishes for the fall and a new semester to all those who are instructors and those who have children in schools or at university.

I follow this writer and poet living in Dubai. I encourage you to read her writing.


I follow a blog called “Aromatic Essence.” A week ago, her blog featured a crazy chocolate cupcake without eggs, butter or milk. It was thriftily made during the Depression. As my mom was a product of the Depression, I remembered saving this recipe. I haven’t made it but I do remember eating it. I promised Freda Diaz “Aromatic Essence” that I would post the recipe. I hope she tries it and I hope you check out her blog. She is a fantastic cook.

1/2 cup fresh hot mashed Idaho potatoes
1/2 of quarter lb. butter Land O Lakes
1 cup- sugar Domino’s
1 egg lightly beaten
2 cups self raising Gold Medal Flour
3/4 cup milk
12 tsp. freshly grated lemon peel
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
12 cup raisins Del Monte


1/4 lb melted butter
1 cup sugar
1/2 large, freshly squeezed lemon

Beat butter into hot potatoes. Add rest of ingredients as given. Gently beat until blended and smooth. Pour into lightly greased 8 inch square baking pan. Pour topping over cake and bake at 350 % about 25 minutes. Cake will leek moist on top. Cool before removing from pan.

This is a very rich cake and will serve 6 to 8.

I copied this recipe exactly as my mom’s typewriter. It is a richer cake but my mom, a practical soul most likely baked it after saving mashed potatoes left over from the night before. Enjoy. The summer is going so quickly but it was a good one!

I am reminded of the well-quoted poem by Emily Dickinson:”I’m Nobody! Who are you?” How dreary – to be – Somebody!
How public – like a Frog –
To tell one’s name – the livelong June –
To an admiring Bog!

Yet it is nice to be recognized. Thank you, Jeani Rector.


So Michael returned to the VA this morning as the cancer has returned and they will need to take more vials of blood. The Doctor is trying to tell him that isn’t so serious as there is a small indication but he isn’t sure this is true. Already, they stopped the spread of the cancer by taking away some body parts, so the next step if it continues to the blood stream will of course be more serious. We wait and watch.

I clean, and get ready for my return to my teaching position in the fall. My husband discusses selling his extensive book collection, records, and tools, so I will not have to do this. I remind him that many people have survived cancer and he replies, “Yes, but eventually it will win.” Hmm, and so I clean, garden and read murder mysteries or intense novels involving the daily life of an attorney which seems so logical and yet interesting that I am lost and have some resolve from the present.

We had a good summer and were able to do some important things but sometimes I am angry at the situation. The other day, Mike was at the VA and the nurse remembered our wonderful cupcakes. She wondered why we disappeared and of course, my husband’s health was a major factor in why. I hold him and want to beat it out of his system but the only cleansing I can do for the day is mopping the floors or correcting some online work of my students. I am grateful to my husband for being a good husband and thinking of me and how I will handle things.

For now, I feel we have plenty of time but eventually we will sell our home and move into a smaller place maybe nearer the beach or a small town in Florida. So, if we need to sell the books, records, tools then I guess I am ok. If left to my own devices, I would have no idea how to sell the tools. The only tools I understand is my computer which spouts out words helping me better understand the situation.

I have decided that there should be a law against “social media posting untruths or rather believing them.” This summer, we had the chance to visit old friends, relatives, and family. Meeting in person is so much better than meeting on social media. The untruths, half truth, and the outright lies which can be shared and believed are outrageous. I cannot tell you how many times I have read a posting or shared with a friend only to find that 1/4 is the truth and the rest is resting gingerly somewhere to the left of fantasies I wish happened.Mark Zukerberg is truly a genius to have found the creator of Facebook and to realize, ‘This is a goldmine.’ Truly, a quagmire of intricate webs where each person is reputed to be only five contacts away from someone we know. They say the world just got closer, and if so it may be in my dreams.And if there is a movement to make him President in 2020, please fast forward in your tracks and think long and hard.

If the person on the other end doesn’t know this, some damage can be done especially since social media is a cure all displaying exactly what you need to see. I have noticed that if you have any weakness or feel down that day that social media has this rule which you can apply. Just like the kaleidoscope you would turn as a child and each one sees different shades of color depending on when and how far they turn it, the same rule can be applied to social media.

Let me explain: you have a day when you open up casually social media and you see everyone has this huge supportive extended family and you compare your family who you can count on one hand. So, you begin to obsess about it not realizing the whole story. Yes, the family does get together but some can’t wait until the end of the day and it is every decade the group picture is taken because the other times, they don’t enjoy one another’s company. Or you see a picture of a happy couple only to find out that they share the same home but not the same bedroom. Whew, if you only knew as you read the female’s power of positivity posting signifying ‘we share the perfect life.’

So, as you read the funny media stories about our President Donald Trump and his family or the chronicles of the match between the well-known actor and his attorney girlfriend, or the supposed promised fantasy jobs..remember to take it all with a grain of salt and a smile. I learned this summer meeting in person family and friends is the winning hand.