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The summer break will arrive the end of the week. We are both addicted to those bagels. I made some this morning. They have few calories in them. I want to try the whole wheat ones but since they are both for us, I keep it simple with the regular flour. They are delicious. Compromise: I love whole wheat but he doesn’t…

I have been busy writing and finishing up one story which I started when we owned our store. I probably started the story in 2014 during a break when I was waiting for customers. I imagine we had finished baking and it was my time to stay in the store, so Mike went home or to replenish our store supplies and I went in the small back room which served as both our office and our stock room to go on social media, advertise our choices for the day and then I began typing up a story I had in mind. So, I had the bare bones and now I have the time to finish. I am committed to 500 words a day. I can do that.

I have also gotten Mike inspired to finish his book which is a military spy thriller. He has put in much more work than me and started in while he was working in financial services. I am pleased that he is focusing on it again. He has most parts written and is now doing some editing. For so long, we have been focused on so many other things that it is nice to finally come full circle and focus on some creative things.

The rain continues sporadically as hurricane season is on its way.





Yesterday was a really good day so we both slept very well. We woke up this morning to pouring rain and I immediately thought “I need to make these bagels.” While the cat stared in mourning at our drenched garden and the pug pranced carefully in the rain refusing to cross the street, I made these simple bagels. The recipe can be found under “Cooking Light” and has two ingredients: yogurt and self-rising flour. I didn’t have self rising flour so I added 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon of salt to the cup of flour required.  Mix together 1 cup low-fat or nonfat Greek yogurt and 1 cup self-rising flour.

Once the yogurt and flour are mixed together, turn the dough out onto a floured work surface and knead it together until it’s smooth (2-4 minutes). Cut the dough into 4 pieces. Then you roll the dough into a rod about 6 inches long and then fold the ends toward one another like a bagel.

Place the bagels onto a parchment paper-lined sheet pan. I sprayed the parchment paper. Take an egg, whip it, and then brush it over the tops of the bagel and this is where you can be creative adding sea salt toppings, cinnamon, chia seeds, etc. The bagels bake at 350ºF for 24 minutes, then for another 3-5 minutes at 450ºF.

They are delicious. We could hardly wait until they cooled a little but you want to eat them warm with a touch of cream cheese or butter. A delicious way to start the day and you won’t feel as weighed down as you do by regular bagels as this was under a low-fat weight watcher recipe. It is a good way to start a rainy Sunday. If you can’t find the link to the recipe for more information “” just email me and I will send you the link. This was the first go as Mike put it…I think the next tries will get better and better. I want to try it with whole-wheat flour; some cheese on top; garlic, etc. I am a spice girl as you can see by the side: spices with basil, garlic on top..go well. My favorite bagel is cream cheese with lox on top which my mom introduced me to. Does anyone remember “Chock Full of Nuts” in New York? They had a nutted cream cheese. I remember in my 20’s stopping in for a cup of coffee and a nutted cream cheese sandwich sitting at the counter. It was a great way to end the week or a time to imagine my mom and I sitting together in New York City after shopping before we caught the subway back to Queens and my grandmother’s apartment.

Cheers!Now if we can just get the pug out for his walk.

My husband has a great sense of humor!

1. No degree required
2. No continued education
3. no license or license test required
4. no 6 week training session
5. no quarterly performance reviews
6. no phone headset
7. no human problem solving
8. no HR issues
9. the ditch never complains
10. when you are done, you clean up and go home

To be continued….his background includes working for a financial service company and he has a MBA. I have to say I really like #10.

11. no paperwork
12. the method of digging hasn’t changed since the caveman
13. you don’t have to shower to go to work
14. your boss shows the place to dig and then leaves for the day
15. no performance statistics
16. you wear jeans everyday, not just casual day
17. dress codes do not exist
18. your job is your exercise
19. no fighting for the microwave at lunch
20 no potlucks to cook for

How many can we all identify with no matter the industry?
Cheers! Enjoy the weekend.

To be continued….until 52 reasons are reached…..


Last night the frequency was challenged. The lights in the garden reigned orange..I am not certain I caught the strange hue; and then all electricity went out for about 40 minutes. It was rather romantic. We had to turn on our storm lanterns. The street and the neighbor’s house was pitch black. I took a few photos of the strange light prior to the electricity hit. Disregard the blurriness and the date of the inside photo. I changed the date but it is still not right. I love the camera and don’t want to toss it.

Blurriness on details. The other week, Mike and I discussed his metastatic cancer which is now in remission. The process of let the body fight it. According to his blood work, it is working but in the process of his body fighting (immune therapy) he becomes very tired. The shot allows the white blood cells to attack and unmask the cancer cells so your body’s natural defense gets it. It won’t last forever so the treatment might have to be stepped up but the the shot he has once a month has been known to prevent tumors from multiplying and to last 10-15 years. The cancer is still in his system but it is not creating tumors. Cancer fatigue causes the tiredness and the headaches. The most challenging days are just after the shot and toward the end of the month.

So things are much better for us than this time last year as we know more and he is on a shot once a month and stabilizing. No one enjoys being kept in the dark for long as I discovered last night. First, it is scary, and then you get used to it.

I hope I explained this well. I feel kind of like when my husband explained to me recently the ramification of each state being allowed to gamble on sport’s teams and call its own rules. Then in detail, he proceeded to tell me how athletes could throw the game and win a $100,000 bet. I come from a betting family. My brother, Mr. J. and my father established intense charts with columns and stats for several sporting events. The only by product I had was under pressure or placed in compromising positions, for example during my days of boot camp or taking a test, I have frequently been known to imagine in my head that I am at the center of the stock exchange calling winning bets and performing best under pressure. It is a fantasy.

Because I don’t care for pressure but I know that sometimes like the pressure which produces a diamond might bring out the best in us. Anyway, sometimes we have had to have some serious discussions and it isn’t fun but I would rather hear the truth. Thanks for listening.

One of the things that my hard- nosed brother taught me was the value of taking a risk. As the Marlborough Man he was referred to by his friends, he unwittingly taught the same way. Since there is close to a decade age difference between us, I can relate to this. One time during the summer while he was living in Queens, I visited him and his wife. It wasn’t a visit really. I had been working a summer job in Montauk, Long Island as a live in chambermaid. A male friend had asked me to help him with the job but I didn’t realize that I was simply a fill-in until the favorite “Melinda” his better friend was available. So, after one month, I was asked to move. I was devastated. Although I quickly found another job, none of them had board included especially the wonderful location across from the ocean. My brother picked me up to go home.

As we drove into Queens, there was dead silence as I moped and he was probably a little pissed that he had to come and get me taking time off from work. He stopped the car in the middle of the street and he asked me to go to the store near his home and pick up a few things. I freaked because I don’t do oral instructions well and am direction-ally challenged. It was just up the street but I wasn’t feeling well. We didn’t have cell phones back then. What if I got lost? What if something happened to me? I just got over a traumatic experience! I remember him asking, “Are you always going to be like this?” inferring that taking the easy way out was not the ultimate choice. I felt humiliated and gave him a fierce look before exiting the truck. I picked up the milk, the bread, the pack of cigarettes, thanked the store owner and tentatively opened the door of the convenience store. I was 20 years old, unfamiliar to the Queen’s street and the area but you can be dang sure I paid attention to those directions embedded in my head and I found my way back.

He was in the apartment waiting for me with his wife. They looked up and smiled when I returned. Yes, it shook my confidence being replaced by a better friend from a two-faced friend as did finding my way home or down a couple of blocks in a city area. But this was the very same spirit which let me travel to Israel and work on a kibbutz, spend a year in Paris studying at the Sorbonne, knock on many doors in New York City to find a job as that was the way we did it back then. His point was you have to get back up quickly even when someone does you wrong. So he put me on the bus from the Port Authority to the Catskills and I finished the summer working at our little ice cream stand. My brother, the Marlborough Man, took risks every day including working as a window cleaner for high rises in Manhattan. One day he met Diana Ross. He also loved to gamble…some may say he took too many risks but he knew how to move on and maybe he was trying to teach me a valuable lesson that day. Get back on the horse, move forward.

The Marlborough man taught me a good lesson the hard way. If I saw him again, I might ask him, “Do you remember when….”

I think I will try a Gratitude Saturday this morning to get me going. I noticed another blogger Waking up On the Wrong Side of 50 doing this and as they say “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery….”

  1. I am pleased that I have access to my Keurig with more than one container of dark roast available.
  2. I am pleased that it looks like rain today as you can see from the garden pictures yesterday that it has been hot and muggy…dry, very dry.
  3. I am pleased that one of my facebook friends finally stated a truth about the cliques you find when working in elementary schools and the realities.
  4. I am pleased that my students in my adult education class gave me wonderful reviews which absolutely amazed me even though I said I wasn’t going to read them.
  5. I am happy that we both slept well last night.
  6. I am grateful to have an open day to make that short story work or return and be creative with other things after exercising.
  7. I am glad to live in a busy area where we have access to lots to do if we chose this.
  8. I am glad that I am professionally certified until 2022 and don’t have to go through all those classes again.
  9. I am grateful for being the winner of a free book contest from HarperCollins Publishers which I received last night delivered by Fedex.
  10. I am grateful we are both here enjoying the day and we have computers running, and books to read, and no grocery run is needed.

I published some of the better things which continue fast forward: our garden is a work in progress; I had the time and desire to make a wonderful quiche; and I published the pictures from our garden at the request about 3 months ago from the blogger “A Shining Gem.” Oh, and Michael made some wonderful sugar free cupcakes with a touch of chocolate mixed with peanut butter for frosting after we completed a rather vigorous bike ride early one morning. I am so happy that we got out there and began biking again: something we used to do a lot. As for the garden, there is always something to do. I have a little herb garden where I grow chives and also sweet basil for my homemade pesto. Thanks for listening. Enjoy your weekend.