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I just learned today that Michael’s chromosome for cancer (marker) dropped from 554 to 53 which is a good indicator his treatment is working. Thank you! I loved this poem this morning and I loved it even more this afternoon after I found this out.

flashlight batteries

Let me send my love
to float lightly on the wind.
A force that sails ships across the ocean.
Let my kisses evaporate into the clouds.
When they reach your shore,
love will rain down upon you.
© Ali Grimshaw    2016

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Dear Eve,

“Words to prey by” is online today, I’ve also again posted a link to it from my Facebook page.

Thank you for your poems, and happy days to you,


November 14, 2017

One of my poems was also chosen for publication in Vol 17 #20 The Stray Branch Fall/Winter 2017 titled “Untitled” and they asked me to include a small introduction, so this is what I published. My husband read it and thought it was vague. What do you think of it? If you have any thoughts of how to improve it, let me know.

My DNA blueprint made me a likely suspect for baking which led me to co-own a gourmet bakery with my husband from 2012-2015. My predilection for travel has led me to Asia, Europe, and the Middle East paving my path as an English teacher. My current path is for wandering somewhere along the Gulf but really levitating somewhere overseas.

(Sometimes I include a short bio)

Here is a short bio: including degrees, and background but this time I didn’t.

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I forgot something: and then I remembered my husband and I discussed that after Christmas we will know if his cancer treatment is working and inhibiting the growth of the tumors. So, we have decided that it is better for me to continue as a part-time instructor with the adult ed program and subbing in the district. The subbing will keep me current and give me glimpses into the schools nearby, so when things become on firmer ground with his treatment, I will be able to put the feelers out there for a full-time position. My current schedule give me flexibility to assist with Doctor appointments and just be there if things become rough.

So in the meantime, we keep moving along. Thanks for listening.Waiting and praying is a challenging game. I am not sure I am a patient person but I am sure am learning how to be one.

Let me know what you think.

Hi there from Scars Publications – we wanted to let you know that Scars Publications released “the 2018 literary review date book” – perfect-bound 6″x9″ weekly “planner”, with a weekly calendar on the right-hand page, with every week accompanied by short poetry (or occasionally flash fiction or artwork). Writing selected for this were chosen from 2017 issues of cc&d magazine and Down in the Dirt magazine. Since your writing was chosen for inclusion in this issue, we wanted to let you know about this brand-new release of “the 2018 literary review date book”!41o+fPhPNGL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

Currently these books are available from Amazon in the U.S., the U.K. and to Europe.

So check out the Scars Publication links to see what material of yours appears in these collection books, and if you’d like, order a copy today (out with plenty of time before Christmas, I hear they make great gifts!), and again, thank you for being a part of the Scars Publications community!

My poem is titled “The Weeping Wail.” reminding me of my time on a kibbutz in Israel.This was during my university years. Ironically, my husband and I visited the Holocaust Museum, Saint Petersburgh, Fl yesterday. I cried silently. What an interesting experience. We shall return. Amazing stories which inspire you to research more and more about this time in our history and never shall we forget.

From generation to generation
We slaughter the fray
And try to step ahead of the pack with a fight for
Survival as we narrowly miss
The loss of jobs, dear loved ones in a fierce and ferocious
Fight till the end
They say it ain’t over till the fat
Lady sings…some days
I wonder when she will stop her songs.
Other days, I am invincible like a popular rap song which
Emanates “Me the king…me the king…king of the world…but
As I travel the aisles with my shopping cart
Tabulating items, costs, and thinking of my spread sheet
I realize….I ain’t the queen, he ain’t the king….we are all just contenders
Trying to make it to the finish line.
When my step daughter has a bad day
I try to tell her, “This too shall pass. “passing is inevitable
Yet I know she is too young and too innocent
To know the worst that life can offer
All we can do is throw our cards on the table,
Hide some, and play the best hand dealt.

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Cancer is a dirty word if you don’t have it. Sometimes you mention it to another and they always have a story and usually the story is about someone close passing away. When you start writing about it, you don’t want somebody with cancer to catch you writing about it. It is an awkward conversation which ironically can also cancel other conversations. You catch yourself wanting to discuss it with the nurses and the intern also but they can only state limited information. You watch their screen registering that it reads like a foreign language, one which you don’t speak or understand. As the nurse writes down the name of the medication your husband is receiving in a shot “lanreotide” 120 mg, you swiftly zipper up the pocketbook clutching the information as you hear your husband and the PA’s discussion of nutrition and liquids. Then the curtain is open and your husband jokes about discussion of things behind closed doors. The intern studies you carefully trying to pick a lighter topic but the anger gauge on your inner thermostat is set already to “explode,” and then you wait in the waiting room. Little things bother you upon leaving masking a deeper issue. Why can’t you see behind as you are backing up your car? The back camera is not working. Your husband ironically says something like you have survived for over 40 years as a driver without that camera. Sharp words erupt and in the grocery store, you constantly want to do better, make more, etc.

Cancer is not a dirty word but it has underlying currents that affect you every day when you love someone diagnosed with cancer. The problem is that you can screw up a car by hitting the rear bumper of the person next to you, but you did nothing to attract “cancer.” It happened.

The only thing you can be assured of is the retraction you will both feel from the effects of living with someone close to you diagnosed with cancer. The good news is that the Doctor told my husband he is now at stage 3 and not stage 4. Make the most of your weekend!