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I have had a challenging year and one of the ways I have escaped is by media: namely, the New York Post app on my phone along with listening to MJ “Idiots in the news” which ultimately makes me feel better about getting up at 5 a.m. and trying to juggle my work. One thing I learned this year is that “The greatest chef in the world cannot make an omelet if the chicken doesn’t lay the eggs.” (The Earth Spins).

My husband said this to me after listening to me hunt down people for information and go running to find people who neglected to tell me that they would not be where they were. In the hot Florida sun, and in a fairly big school-I run around often like a chicken without my head leading my husband to suggest, “Don’t ever run after people. They know where to find you. If you go and they are not there, move on.”

Good advice and it is something I don’t take well but in retrospect, he is right. Sometimes the ball must fall in their court when work is dumped upon you. Move the ball back to them. So, like a chess player I have been thrown in the mix this year and survived learning a few new tricks which goes to show at any age, you can learn.

Headlines in the New York Post which keep me intrigued and entertained: Who was that masked man? Man knocks mom, 4-year old son to ground in NYC robbery: video; NY electric bills expected to jump 12 percent this summer; ‘Drove for 3 hours’: Formula shortage hits NYC parents, special needs kids hard” Why do I read the New York Post? I like it. I remember in our cupcakerie a man who came in once a week before noon carrying the paper copy of the New York Post and then would sit in our little store savoring a cup of coffee and something sweet. When he left the paper, he would wink at me and say, “Would you like it?” Uh, yeah.

And for my next foray, I will discuss “Birds are not real” a theory recently introduced to me on 60 minutes. It is described as a “joke that thousands of people are in on” and after the past couple of years, we need a good joke to keep going! Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!

Do you want to know about the author’s background or have to know about a writer to buy a book? I remember another blogger mentioned this about 4 weeks ago and I wrote it down on my board-good blog topic. The truth for me is, “YES”. If I know that the author is familiar with the topic, I will definitely case the book, peruse and finally validate by withdrawing from the library or through the online system for my kindle. Yes, I used some funny verbs speaking about book shopping because I have been reading a few funny social media posts and some not so funny about things going on in the hood.

I discover authors I want to read randomly searching in person or online. One author I discovered is Victor Methos. His unusual background snagged me long enough for me to think I need to read one of his books. He immigrated to the United States from Kabul, Afghanistan, and is the bestselling author of over 50 novels and has been nominated for the prestigious Edgar Award for best novel for his work, “A Gambler’s Jury” and is the recipient of the 2020 Harper Lee Prize for legal fiction for, “The Hallows.”

He attended law school at the University of Utah and has been both a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney. He currently lives in Southern Utah. ( Okay, I was intrigued and so I bought his book from Amazon as he was not available at the library. I enjoyed reading “A Gambler’s Jury” and kept reading his books. I kept an electronic file of his books and series with Baudin & Dixon Trilogy and others. I also keep the hardbooks of Lisa Unger as she signed two of my books, lives in Clearwater and we met in person. She also visited “Cupcake Cache” with her daughter but we missed her as we were prepping for a big party! I am proud to say “I know her!” Lisa Unger writes mysteries and she doesn’t have a legal background or detective but she worked in NYC as a publicist and she lives in Florida. Some of her location information includes tidbits about Florida and New York making for an easy read for me.

Yes, I enjoy reading authors with something to share who write using their background material, be it their profession, location, or insider knowledge. This definitely influences how I buy books or borrow books. And yes, if I had the opportunity to meet Victor Methos, I would go. This summer, I look forward to self publishing one of my books. I use my background knowledge of running a cupcakerie, being a teacher, and the settings include places I have visited and people I have met along with a pinch or 2 pinches of fiction thrown in.

What about your reading habits? How are you influenced to chose the books you read or ultimately slap some monies down to buy or to borrow from the library? Have a wonderful weekend!

“9-1-1 is a good number but 9, 45, 380, 357 are better numbers.” A remark made by my husband to me this past month. You see, we found a quarter on the front doorstep. We have a long brick entrance to our house. I had walked the pug and returned. In the early afternoon, I went outside to sweep down the entry way and water the plants. Upon returning, I noticed a quarter laying in an odd position outside the front door. There was no way to miss it and since we don’t often use the front door-walk the pug, go outside to collect the mail, we would have noticed. I picked it up and told my husband. He said, “That is very strange. Did you notice it this morning?” No, as that morning after walking the pug, we went out using the garage exit taking the car and returning about noon.

My husband looked it up and read about potential burglars casing homes and occupancy by attaching monies or dropping trash, coins, and other things. So, he told a few neighbors including the police neighbor nearby and they had not heard of it. One suggested I post on the site “Next door neighbor” and so, I did. This is when it became really weird.

The first post asked, “Have you lost someone close to you lately?” Uh, no, another posted, “Are you sure it wasn’t you who dropped the quarter?” No, we don’t carry change. Someone else posted, “Amazon delivery?” Uh, no, as husband usually meets them halfway up the driveway. Then came the next barrage of comments including, “That is weird!” “Is this some kind of joke-are you a Karen?” Another person posted in response that I might be a Stepford wife. Considering we live not in a gated community but a fixer up area being revitalized known for both good and bad, in a working class area…hmmm….one person replied caustically to another post, “And do you believe the tooth fairy left it?” I had about 35 comments, some highly insulting, so I ended by saying, “Well, if I have helped one person and they learn something new…..” I took the high road.

About 2 weeks later, someone posted about finding a piece of tape on their door, so when they opened it the tape came off. They called 9-1-1 and reported it. Another blogger posted, “Someone else mentioned something weird happening.” I chimed in “That was me. We looked it up and google brought up articles about homeowners discovering trash left in highly unusual places to see if the homeowners were there and noticed.” Since, our car is in the garage and our home often appears unoccupied on a quiet street. Hmm…..validation. V-A-L-I-Dation as I had been insulted, accused of being a Karen, etc. I asked my husband as the poster asked “What did the neighbors tell you to do?” and he said, “9-1-1 is a good number…..” His response brought 35 likes and is still adding likes to the post. There was silence from her but many of the posters found her posting valid and offered suggestions. No one accused her of being a Karen or of over reacting by calling 9-1-1. There was no way I would call the police over a dropped quarter that looked as if it had been placed in the center of the welcome mat.

I was a little confused. Had the crime rate gone up that much in 2 weeks that everyone thought she was more valid than I? What was going on? Hmm…..someone even asked if they would take the piece of tape for fingerprints….hmmm…..who knows? Validation feels good though. But you can bet that I don’t like being attacked on social media and unfortunately will think twice about posting again on this site.

Someone did say, “Thank you for sharing.” And during these times, or all times this is what we can do-share, put it out there because if it has happened to you then it might be happening to someone else. And we now have ring camera in the front yard and the back yard. We recently did catch some weird behavior by camera-flashlights looking over our fence at 4 a.m. We woke up because we heard a crash next door. The neighbor next door leaves his gate open frequently. We showed the video to our neighbors who confirmed it was flashlights looking around the area including over our fence.

Are we more careful? Yes. Do I feel comfortable posting on social media again? No. Update: the husband said, “Be prepared that not everyone is going to like what you just posted.” Well, the truth is often stranger than fiction and you can’t make this stuff up. Enjoy the weekend.

This is like someone put their hands against the door trying to push it.

In view of ‘less is more’ here are some of the continuing bloggers I read and enjoy.

Chambers on the Road, My Daily Gratitude List, bleuwater, Roatan Strine Way, Florida Rambler

Some I lost along the way: Roadtripping with Ron, The skoolie Abode, Teresa Dovalpage: A Cuban Writer, From Michigan to Germany.

My go to list of bloggers gets smaller but easier to look up. Enjoy your Sunday. Who has disappeared lately from your list? Nothing personal-they disappeared into Blog-dom, somewhere life gets busier and I wish them well. Hope to see them return.

Have you ever wondered if your past family tree affects your present? This past week, I found myself wondering this as I was told by someone to ‘slow down as I was a little hyper.’ In retrospect, I agreed that I am hyper with things and wear myself out with the details. It is an attribute and one which can damage me if I cannot learn to slow down. So, I am trying.

The husband and I went out to a nearby old style steakhouse for dinner. It was delicious. We arrived early and left early, not many people and we enjoyed the slow country music, the sweet potato and a delicious steak with shrimp for me. Pork chop for the husband and we slowly gossiped, discussed, and enjoyed the different atmosphere. Every now and then, the spirit needs to treat itself whether it is a different outing to a restaurant, or just a simple change of plans. It is healthy in so many ways. I know that we will both sleep very well tonight. Our spirit and appetite is satisfied.

My past family genealogy tree: a relative several years ago living in California tracked me down to let me know more about my family tree. Evidently, my family from way back when was very wealthy in the City of Manhattan. They hired a maid from Sweden and she had an affair with the head of the household. Was it my father’s father or his grandfather? Hmm, and she produced beautiful Swedish children with blonde hair and blue eyes, just like my father, my brother, and I. The whole story has yet to be finished with words but I have a healthy imagination and my mind wandered. I wondered if this is why I like to clean counters and when I am distraught or need to answer a roaming question in my head, I vacuum, and clean the house. I know it is something my mother always enjoyed when I lived with my parents and something my husband watches with curiosity at the strange times I chose to clean. I also like a cold mug of beer. Maybe one day, I will visit Sweden and track down possible relatives.

For me, it is something that just feels right. Do you have any habits that you feel rubbed off on you from a past generation or relative? Have a great weekend! Thanks for reading.

…..the backyard is springing back to bloom with hard work from the husband and a new fence highlighting the garden. I weed and keep the bird baths filled. The white fence really picks up on everything, so Mike was out last week working, weeding, laying some sod around the open parts of the fence as there was a little gap. The past weekend, I was weeding and planning on what to plant. Working outside relieves me of the stresses of the week. Today, I have off but I brought some work home with me to finish as the end of the year is coming with a bang.

Returning home yesterday after a stressful week, I took a big risk. I pushed myself to discover where a road went that I was curious about. It was off a very well-travelled route and dirt with 6 mailboxes at the entrance. I had passed by many times curious but kept going, so yesterday about 4 p.m. I travelled this road less travelled. It was rough going with mud indentations but I kept to the path and finally passed an interesting farmhouse, old style and a little dilapidated but I could tell someone still lived there from the vehicles. There were a couple of bicycles nearby and some children’s toys. Suddenly, I stopped because in front of me was an open pasture with an open door and a bull was eying me. He was still laying down. My eyes widened. I looked back at the house. Nothing was stirring. Beyond the bull was lots of land and there were also a mama with her baby goats. Slowly, I backed up and prayed that I would not meet anyone on that single car road this afternoon. And I didn’t. I reached the mailboxes noticing that 4 were dented and the covers open and only one was serviceable. Again, I wondered who lives here as I slowly turned right onto the highway and headed toward home.

And that made my week because I conquered my fear of the unknown after a highly stressful week of dealing with many unknowns and coping. As for my husband’s response, “You might have been shot. That was a private road and they have the right as you are a trespasser.”

Yes, well I thought of growing up in the mountains and all the properties we trespassed as kids and for a moment I was transported to another time and another place. I felt like the old me returned. Enjoy the weekend! My question: what is a small challenge you have accepted lately that made you feel great?

You are in the grocery store. Which newspaper or magazine do you peruse? Sometimes when I am busy, I treat going to Publix like entertainment because it can be. When I walk in, I peruse the cover of the New York Post because it is always entertaining and then at the check out line, I check out some of the magazines focusing on the recipes, losing weight, getting more energy, etc. Sometimes I observe people’s buying habits or watch which lottery card they chose. I really enjoy the ones who pick out the $20 tickets and then scratch it off quickly while still in the store. I want to hear someone yell, “I won $1 million.” I asked one woman once who was in front of me returning after she scratched it off, and she replied, “I won $50.” I like how they take risks but I just can’t spend that much: instead it is several $2 tickets or maybe two $5 tickets.

When I had some time recently, I made an easy keto apple tart which smoothed my quest for something sweet. Husband and I also checked out “Craving Doughnuts” for some good doughnuts, not carb free after a very busy day. I did crave the carbs and they were in our area. So to some keto ideas, I said “Kiss my grits” and treated myself. However, here the recipe for the apple tart can be found easily under http://www.ibreatheimhungry. cum and it was delicious. Let me know which newspapers or magazines you like to view. I also like the price of the daily for the NY Post: for $2 daily, it is entertaining on the go.

Easy Keto Apple Tart-low carb & gluten

Another question which kept me awake in the wee hours-have you ever been outside a group and when you were finally offered the opportunity to join the group felt disappointed and realized you were not really missing anything all along? So, your choice…I look forward to reading your responses.

Enjoy your weekend!

Susie Shy 45, From Michigan to Germany, Teresa Dovalpage: A Cuban Writer, Roadtripping with Ron, Korea Twenty Years Ago, Just Joan 42-some of the bloggers I enjoyed reading who disappeared between 2-3 months ago. Will they return? If you are out there in cyberspace reading this, give a holler!

This is just a short blog to say I miss them and reading about their experiences. I hope they return! Have you ever started following a blogger and they disappeared. If your blog disappeared, who would miss it?

I , you, he, him, she, her, and we “think you better slow down.” The other day, I mentioned to my husband “we think you better slow down.” We were going out to breakfast as an early Saint Patty’s treat. It was lovely but we or better yet, he took the curves a little fast on a country road and I was like, “we, we, we…” He asked, “Who is we?” Oh, you know..the speedometer registering 55 mph in a 40 mph zone and myself.

And he may be right about that but I was right about the speed! We have so many pronouns being slung around lately that I wondered how they are being taught and if it sounds less officious in a foreign language like French, Je, tu or vous, il, elle, you get the point. I am not sure what they are thinking in France anyway because the only way to know for sure is to be present in the country.

Just like you can’t know much about a neighbor or home by looking at the exterior. You might see the blinds roll back slowly or if you are walking at a different time in the morning see them up, so you know someone does live there. My favorite are the fake vines which hide over a window, so you can’t really see what is going on. You can order it on Amazon but again the only way to know what is actually going on is to be present in the moment.

So that is my message for today. As I watch people texting on phones as they enter the breakfast place and in their cars, walking down the roadways…be present in the moment. Leave the phone in the car and listen to the person opposite you. And if there is no one, then listen to yourself. Take the time to observe around you. You might be surprised by what you learn. Posting some pictures of the outdoor market in Webster-this is what you see since you can’t be physically present in the moment. Thanks for reading!

As you can see, lots of diversity but who is to say “We can’t all get along…perhaps he, him, she or her…..and just who are they? Just for the record: husband says my favorite pronoun is “we.” We know that!