We are a small husband/wife gourmet cupcake place. Our inspiration comes from our eclectic background. I taught in Abu Dhabi for one year and spent time visiting cupcake spots with character. Mike has trained with an award winning culinary arts team and had the honor of working with James Beard prior to his time as an Intelligence Analyst travelling through the Middle East, Horn of Africa, and Asia with the United States Army. His MBA certainly helps us with the small business arena. My mom won awards for her down home cooking.I read cookbooks for fun and grew us in a small business arena in the heart of the Catskill Mountains.My family owned the local “gertrude’s” ice cream shop. My current background is as an English/ESOL Instructor. Prior to that, I worked in Merchandising in the Garment District and held other jobs including a manager of a bookstore in Orange Beach, Alabama. We try to do one thing and do it well. Come visit. (Update) Our store closed last December  (2015) after Michael was diagnosed with cancer. It was caught early and hopefully it will stay in remission. We cut back on our hours and eventually we followed the doctor’s recommendation for a life with less stress and closed our store. I still love writing, and teaching English, so you’ll see me around and I hope you will continue reading the blog. With the store closed, I found more time to write and was able to get published. I am now a published writer on Amazon, so if you google me, the publications will come up. Michael and I are enjoying a life with less stress and finding more time to get some important things done like enjoying down time. You haven’t heard the last of us! Published writer of fiction/non-fiction and poetry: The Bella Online Literary Review; “Down in the Dirt” magazine v 144 (April 2017); “The Horror Zine” Summer 2017 hardback; “Mused Literary Review” (2017) and “The Stray Branch.” (Fall/winter 2017) We found out this past July 2017 that his cancer has returned but the VA has a plan for his cancer which has now metastasized in his small intestine stage 4. Stay with me for the journey as friends who listen are appreciated.

Thank you for listening.