What have you picked up from your husband, your family members growing up? What kind of character traits do you inhabit like warm chocolate holding tight to cold whirled ice cream? Thinking of my parent’s custard stand in the Catskills, like Dairy Queen, I remember my mom’s propensity for drama which maybe came with Irish territory, throw in some French and Voila…you have theatrics. No one could tell a story like my mom. When she shared stories with us of growing up in New York City in the Village during the Depression, a father who was Head of the Labor Union of Dock Workers, and going to 8 different schools. Then he owned a candy store, lots of monies, no monies….no one could tell a story like my Irish mamma, the daughter of a very tough Irish man.

So, I may have inherited a bit of her theatrics as I love to add drama to the mix as those who know me, know me well. There is also a bit of the Swedish reserve, my father who kept a great Poker face. Between the two, they were a pair well matched. I enjoy theatrics but it appears that playing ‘poker face’ gets me through successfully some challenging times when I don’t always agree with the cards being played or the people being played. And in a pinch, I know I can change character.

From my husband, I have picked up on his order, organization and logic as an analyst with the military….he is very methodical and pragmatic which followed him in many of his trade jobs and habits. I am not. I am more trusting of my intuition and value my insight…kind of like my mom, “I have a feeling” is something I will cry aloud when something comes true about a person or situation. In other words, I have good instincts. My husband will not always chose to believe his intuition stating that more is following numbers, statistics, facts, etc. But I have lived life in a few different arenas from overseas to small towns, big cities and I know that my people smarts kept me intact. Something I inherited from my mom and something my dad also rolled his eyes at just like when she would say, “I wish we lived again in Manhattan, so I wouldn’t have to drive a car and could walk or take the subway.”

She never did get her license but she sure made certain I did at 16. Although you could not catch me watching sports besides basketball which I have always enjoyed because I think of ballet, for some reason. I had lots of fun telling past classes of students that some of the best and most gifted football players studied ballet to be quick on their feet. My husband is a big sports fan, so I have learned to appreciate sports, expressions like “Hail Mary” when you are behind and need a touchdown to tie or win and it is your last play. Hoping someone catches it sounds like something I have easily identified with, especially when beginning a new enterprise.

Appreciating the game of football and realizing it is no game for dummies helps me with understanding other strategies in life and dealing with things, so it is no surprise when I find an analogy under sports idioms: political football an issue that politicians argue about and try to use for their advantage.” the earliest citation for this comes from the beginning of the 19th Century. (Merriam Webster Dictionary). But my favorite habit I picked up from my husband is : it is easier to get forgiveness than permission. This has helped me immensely when I struggle to find information, not forthcoming this past year with paperwork and people. For that, I am grateful to know and if the paperwork catches up to me, ah well. “Let the drama begin.” Like the football player, I have listened well, anticipated the game, and worked with the items at hand. Sounds like a win to me. Now, if I can learn a few rules of football, maybe not. Hmmmm. Like I said recently, “I like writing fiction.”

How about you? What are some traits or characteristics have you inherited or adapted lately? Enjoy the weekend!