As my husband faces more surgery for removal of tumors on his liver, I am reminded by this media posted on social media of his strength and resilience. I cannot visit him in the hospital because of Covid precautions. He is Covid free as he was tested and could not go into surgery without himself being Covid-free. Since I work with middle school children, I was relieved to discover he is okay. Needless to say, I went to work today and struggled with being there. I was taken out of my position to substitute for an absent teacher who is not well. Tomorrow someone will sub for me as I wait to pick him up at the hospital.

After work, I shopped for yogurt and soft foods to make him for tomorrow when I pick him up. I wandered the grocery store not really seeing what to buy and not really making a decision. Part of me wanted to make a fresh boiled chicken with chicken stock, carrots and the other said, “a nice omelet.” I couldn’t make a decision just like I thought maybe I should go to work and leave as soon as the phone call came to pick him up but the secretary at the school seemed too confused by a half day, etc. so I went with my gut and put in for a personal day.

The eagle: Fly like the Eagle: we marry in sickness, health, we promise to stand by those we love. I am so proud to have married a veteran and a man I respect. Now, if only the pug would stop whining. We both miss someone who we love.

Thanks for listening.