It happens when I am cruising social media or the news and I see notice that someone won 1.2 million on a scratch off ticket. I think, “Why not me?” or “Why not I?”

Am I not just as lucky but they don’t tell you how many rolls or tickets someone might have bought to get lucky. Are some of us luckier than others with choice of our mates, spouse, significant others, etc. and with the choice of our career or do we just make better choices?

Do the stars rule by fate and fortune or can we significantly turn the odds in our favor? Luck rules that if we buy many tickets, we will win, eventually and as for our mate, if we marry more than once, do we get better at our choices if the first one or two don’t work out….

I don’t know. The same goes for jobs. The more we try, the more we know which we like and which we don’t. Unfortunately, I do believe that the luck of the scratch off is significantly luck…the right time and the right place, as it turns out many of life’s more significant and influential choices are made.

What about you? Is or was there a time in your life when luck definitely dealt a winning hand or was it a combination of a few factors, some of which included making a good choice? Not sure if that will be a question or a definitive declarative statement from some of us.

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And as for the winning lottery scratch off for me today, it was a no-go, so will keep reading the media news and wishing. Thanks for listening. Have a wonderful week! Some days you feel luckier than others, but your feelings are not always valid….so sometimes the truth is in the numbers or just luck.