Is it a safe?

A box for keys.

There were so many keys hanging around with no owner nearby. It just felt unsafe. What if we needed a key? Could we find the key? Which key belonged to this lock and that lock? Have you ever gone slightly wacko trying to find what a key unlocked? Was it to a storage unit or maybe the previous house owner before we changed the locks; was this his key? Front door, back door, old office (Adjunct Offices), business, church key at one time….husband accepted the challenge and found the key box for $19.99 on Amazon.

Thank you. Now the keys have a place in the key of life, and if the key of life changes, we can find the keys or so we are keyed in. Have a great week!

And if you open the door, there is another door where you can post the key locations. Wow! Organization. Now, I feel we have too many keys. Time to pare down. You can lock it also but then you have 4 numbers to remember. So chose, which is your poison? Is it easier to remember a number or where the key is or if you are anal, both….which will you remember?