Speaking politics to me is like talking a foreign language. Mostly, I view what is in front of me and I don’t analyze or think about it constantly. I get on with living. Recently, I have had a blogger ask me to not bring up politics and I was speaking about the best candidate for a job or for a creative writing journal references. I was not speaking of the elections just like I don’t discuss dead fish. For me to discuss politics might be like me discussing dead fish and since I am not much of a fishermen.

I am actually thinking of jobs often and also about creative writing as I may have a new opportunity to win a contest. I will post more details as they become available. I hastily typed out a response and then complained or rather expounded to my husband on the matter. If I don’t win, then I will keep mum and throw out the dead fish, so to speak.

He hears an earful but to me politics and the discussion is like dead fish. I like fish alive and jumping but don’t care to discuss them on my way to work, on my way home from work, and mostly in between. Most of my friends know this as does my family, so we move forward.

And to the bloggers who meditate often and start political discussions or issues, fine, but that is not me. I am more in the present and not theory. So, thanks for listening and have a good week! May the best candidate win! And I mean the job candidate or the creative writing exercise. I love to fish when I have more time but please, sharks, let the fishermen do their job and engage with them and not me.

Thanks for listening.