‘If loving shoes is a crime . . . I’m looking at life without parole.’ Brian Atwood.

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Sometimes the biggest worry is “What shoes should I wear?”

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It is not abstract but concrete. It comes in more than one color composed of some height and can be described by adjectives, sometimes nouns and mostly it is something we all need. Depending on our differences in climate, disposition, needs or cultural or just a need for comfort, we may park at the door instead of wearing inside the home.

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Sometimes we have to accept that not all shoes will be the same on a person. How we wear them depends often on where our shoes have tread or where others have tread on us wearing them shoes….so,

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Wherever you find them shoes, remember you might outgrow, outwear, or just sometime need a new pair of shoes…and to that, congrats as that means you are growing and needing a new pair.

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So you may find a new shoe store, new books, new friends and you talk about new things because you are no longer at the same shoe store finding the same old shoes, reading the same old papers or books, or talking about the same old things.

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You have taken off the old shoes, the old stuffiness, the heat index and put on some new shoes.

Keep on trying on shoes….enjoy your weekend!