I keep a few lists of potential blogs in one tiny composition book. Another might be work ideas and the third might be password lists, grocery list.

So I reviewed this morning getting ready for a busy week ahead. Yesterday was a delightful day at the beach.

1)shoes-evidently the craze about we all scream for shoes. I bought a new pair of comfortable ones so I get used to standing all day and threw out two pairs but at the end of the day, I noticed how much was being asked for one pair, so I took them back and then tried on the other. They felt comfortable, so I kept them like an old friend. I also bought a new pair.

2)Keto-clearer mentally sharper…I think I want to write about keto because some bloggers keep asking me for recipes or what a picture is of…..inquiring minds want to know.

3)manicure-noticing details, why do I not have a manicure? My garden, digging in the mud, saving my sunflowers.

4)twigs-getting rid of the details and finding the big picture…not sure where I was going with this one.

5)spy craft-sniper…we have been watching Quantico. The other day at the VA waiting for husband, I went out of my comfort zone and exchanged few pleasantries with a sniper from the Marine Corp. Afterwards, husband pointed out a few discrepancies in his story making me wonder if I was able to comfortably play a game like five truths and one lie.

6)Getting rid of all the no’s received from Submittable.com. Some were from 2016. I finally broke down and when it stated “in progress” decided they forgot me or lost my work. Now, I have one pending from 2020.

7)Can you help me figure this one out? Amy Winehouse, Amy Parker, and Amy….no idea…Who did I want to write about?

8)”Women and elephants never forget.” Quote by Dorothy Parker. Perhaps that answers #7.

9)Finding things in the dollar store or not finding them.

10)I have a list and now on the next page, two phone numbers. I don’t remember who they are for…and this is how I organize myself. As they say, less is better. Remembering there is a blogger who asked to see photos of the bathroom redecorated and the little outside porch husband redid. Now, there is a name for this porch part. Do I need to know? Do you need to know?

It will be a busy week and I don’t think I will be making more lists for awhile. Thanks for listening. I feel better already and getting rid of shoes was not involved.