Florida’s romantic past also includes information about this and an example of my writing.(Florida’s Romantic Past)

Can you find the St. John’s River on the map? Have the students find a map of Florida and locate St. John’s River showing the direction of the river. Identify map areas (North, South, West, East.)

The mission is located at the mouth of the river. Where would that be on the map? What is a mission?

Why is this title “Romantic Past?” What are some clues we use to learn more about the past? Comparing the past and the present from the picture. Discuss clothing, housing, etc.

Discussion question” How is the priest an advocate for the Native Americans? During this time period, what else was happening? Let’s look up the word advocate and then find a synonym for it in the thesaurus. How does the information on the illustration page show us that the Native Americans respected Father Pareja?

Has the map of Florida changed from present day? If so, how? Where is Tampa Bay located? Compare an old map of Florida to a new map and notice the differences. Can you locate the key and how to identify the rivers, the land, etc. Let’s read up about the Kingsley Plantation State.

This was in regard to being asked to write something similar to testing with compare/contrast or using the five w’s.