“This is me online and this is me in reality.”

This is an expression I overheard and thought it worthwhile to pass on. Taking selfies for social media of our time spend exercising, contemplating exercising, how we look in the morning, or to put a context on our feelings is getting old.

I really hope the new generation will move away from this trend. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking everyone operates through social media. Most post best picture days or the sexy days and this is a set up. The other day, I was in the gym and there was this young woman in her 20’s taking movies of herself in the gym. I was uncomfortable that she may have caught me in her frame doing my sit ups. She filmed herself 5 times before it was a take. And then she moved on to the next exercise but she hadn’t exercised; merely smiled and fluffed her hair. Shortly afterwards, she left. Hmm. Is this a new way to pick up a date for Friday night?

I don’t get it. I am never going to tell people if I sign up for some nano writing challenge. I am going to do it and proceed on to the 92 other things I have planned for my reality. Simply posting a message for everyone to see gets old.

So, if I did have my superpower of invisibility, I would like to be privy , as I mentioned to conversations where I had no business being in the room: the POTUS with his family; an invisible relative who dropped off the map; Lee Child as he sits down in his office to write about Jack Reacher.

You know, these are impossibilities and fantasies just like expecting me to post  some pictures on social media. To tell you the truth, after meeting some social media queens in person, I have been sorely disappointed. Reality and fiction sometimes do not mix well with one another. I can remember sitting in our store with a social media queen and realizing she was rather boring and had little to say without her social media language.I still follow her on social media but realize that she is a drama queen and not that interesting. It takes a real personality to make small talk interesting and that is why they call it small talk.

You know it is not going to happen, and so I separate the reality from fiction and move forward.

Enjoy the weekend.