Update: I found this on the back burner. One of the strangest things about living with someone you love who has cancer is that eventually after you push by the self protective phase, then it is off to the truth sayer…this is the phase I am in right now. As time continues swiftly, I find myself eager to speak the truth, cut through the BS and move forward. Thanks for listening. 

In other words, if I sometimes hurt your feelings because I am blunt, who cares. Thanks for listening. Here is the belated post. Out of correctness, I didn’t publish but kept. Now as I watch my husband suffer from cancer fatigue, I post as tears run down my cheeks. 

Thanks for listening!

The hardest thing in life is to leave your judgment at home on the back burner. This happened to me this weekend.

No one came to get the dogs. “Who let the dogs out” is the title of a fun song often played at sport’s game but believe me there was no fun going on as I let my mind stew.

Then I was told that other things are being accomplished with the home they are renting such as a new bathroom being put in and other things repaired. Her father came by unexpectedly and will be spending then next week with them. I understand why they might not want the dogs around.

Eeww, all I wanted was some kind of response as to when to expect them and it wasn’t forthcoming. Husband kept telling me perhaps he is not sure yet. I am stubborn and felt I needed a straight answer, one which I don’t often get from my brothers about many things. I felt betrayed and cheated of an answer.

I went to zumba and worked out my bad vibes. Somehow I came to understand the situation but I still just wanted the son to tell his father instead of the texting, “What are you up to?”

“Watching netflicks at night or the football games.”

I don’t know. Maybe I just like communication in the straight form. Keep it simple, straight, and let me know what you are thinking.

I am getting too old for beating around the bush. Thanks for listening!