2-Barneys.w600.h315.2xWhy do we need our blog material copyrighted? Is there anything we publish so earth shattering revealing that we need to protect it? Hmm…mine is not copyrighted, so should I be concerned…will someone steal the gourmet “filled with cupcake” insides pictures and recipes I have somewhere or what about a few poems or ideas I shared about myself and my family. Should I be writing under another name?

Am I being vain and silly? Ah yes, it is one of those mornings after a very busy week of some diabolical decisions I had to make. Yeesh, is this a Yiddish term? Should it be copy righted? Am I being silly?

Probably. This morning I read about “Barney’s” New York declaring bankruptcy and being sold. I remember when shopping was “the experience” in New York for the retailing community. This was the epitome of class and if you had the money to shop at Barney’s, wow. It was a quiet experience but full of dignity, like a quiet class experiment. You don’t get that from online shopping. I briefly thought about my days working at Saks with the Buyer and the “atmosphere” he created by simply being in the room. Retailing and merchandising, “Setting up the windows” “counting the goods” adding numbers, attending the shows…it was an experience for those behind the scenes, also.

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And then I fried a couple of eggs with cheddar on top and a keto English muffin in the broiler and picked up my new book, “A Spy by Nature” by Charles Cumming. Yesterday, I flew into the library after a hectic week, loaded myself with books, stopped by “Which Wich” for a paleo inspired delicious lettuce sandwich with turkey, bacon, avocado for the husband and I…and wondered if I had the passion for being a composition instructor that I used to have for the field of fashion, merchandising, sales, the floor, behind the scenes, and decided not. One of my online students noted, “Mrs. D. is very responsive to the students online and she really cares but I wouldn’t write home about the videos. I am looking forward to meeting her pug on camera.”

My reply: “Teaching grammar and composition can be a dry topic unless we have the opportunity to learn English in another country, perhaps London.” Been there, done that.

Looking at papers to correct, and students to soothe..hmm, “A Spy by Nature” sounds like the best retreat after a morning walk with the husband.

Enjoy the weekend!