“The Bird with no Feet Sleeps in the Wind” is a proverb I heard the other day. If you are like some writers, when you hear something good: your first instinct is to write it down capturing the essence before you lose it. I have spent many a hour trying to remember something I heard or read thinking “maybe I can use this.” Are you like this? Maybe.

I heard this on the track of a movie “Gold” about a man who searches for the illusory gold while mining in Africa. In the end, he is conned out of money by a very smart guy who outmaneuvers him forcing his hand. There is a twist surprise ending that will bring a smile to your soul. Is the story true? No, it is not. Unfortunately, but it was very entertaining to watch.

Sometimes the best escape is a good song, one which we just can’t release bringing back some great memories or a show on Netflix like “Ozark” which is so unbelievable that you are forced to research just “exactly where the Ozarks are?” And then you want to visit when you view pictures of the mountains and the greenery bringing back memories of your childhood in the Catskills. Of course, all sorts of unsavory things may have been happening all the time, but as your family was a huge first on the discussion list being from “the City” you never knew but you can identify certainly with the antics of the summer people and those who left for elsewhere. And how you wished to go elsewhere just like the daughter in “Ozarks.” The best elsewhere one summer was a long visit to Westhampton Beach to see your cousins.You remember swimming in the ocean; visiting the country club with June; cocktails in the evening and reading copious Nancy Drew novels with your cousin.

Times change as the beat continues but one thing which remains is the music you listened to while creating the memories. Seize the day. Best wishes for the fall and a new semester to all those who are instructors and those who have children in schools or at university.