So Michael returned to the VA this morning as the cancer has returned and they will need to take more vials of blood. The Doctor is trying to tell him that isn’t so serious as there is a small indication but he isn’t sure this is true. Already, they stopped the spread of the cancer by taking away some body parts, so the next step if it continues to the blood stream will of course be more serious. We wait and watch.

I clean, and get ready for my return to my teaching position in the fall. My husband discusses selling his extensive book collection, records, and tools, so I will not have to do this. I remind him that many people have survived cancer and he replies, “Yes, but eventually it will win.” Hmm, and so I clean, garden and read murder mysteries or intense novels involving the daily life of an attorney which seems so logical and yet interesting that I am lost and have some resolve from the present.

We had a good summer and were able to do some important things but sometimes I am angry at the situation. The other day, Mike was at the VA and the nurse remembered our wonderful cupcakes. She wondered why we disappeared and of course, my husband’s health was a major factor in why. I hold him and want to beat it out of his system but the only cleansing I can do for the day is mopping the floors or correcting some online work of my students. I am grateful to my husband for being a good husband and thinking of me and how I will handle things.

For now, I feel we have plenty of time but eventually we will sell our home and move into a smaller place maybe nearer the beach or a small town in Florida. So, if we need to sell the books, records, tools then I guess I am ok. If left to my own devices, I would have no idea how to sell the tools. The only tools I understand is my computer which spouts out words helping me better understand the situation.