I have decided that there should be a law against “social media posting untruths or rather believing them.” This summer, we had the chance to visit old friends, relatives, and family. Meeting in person is so much better than meeting on social media. The untruths, half truth, and the outright lies which can be shared and believed are outrageous. I cannot tell you how many times I have read a posting or shared with a friend only to find that 1/4 is the truth and the rest is resting gingerly somewhere to the left of fantasies I wish happened.Mark Zukerberg is truly a genius to have found the creator of Facebook and to realize, ‘This is a goldmine.’ Truly, a quagmire of intricate webs where each person is reputed to be only five contacts away from someone we know. They say the world just got closer, and if so it may be in my dreams.And if there is a movement to make him President in 2020, please fast forward in your tracks and think long and hard.

If the person on the other end doesn’t know this, some damage can be done especially since social media is a cure all displaying exactly what you need to see. I have noticed that if you have any weakness or feel down that day that social media has this rule which you can apply. Just like the kaleidoscope you would turn as a child and each one sees different shades of color depending on when and how far they turn it, the same rule can be applied to social media.

Let me explain: you have a day when you open up casually social media and you see everyone has this huge supportive extended family and you compare your family who you can count on one hand. So, you begin to obsess about it not realizing the whole story. Yes, the family does get together but some can’t wait until the end of the day and it is every decade the group picture is taken because the other times, they don’t enjoy one another’s company. Or you see a picture of a happy couple only to find out that they share the same home but not the same bedroom. Whew, if you only knew as you read the female’s power of positivity posting signifying ‘we share the perfect life.’

So, as you read the funny media stories about our President Donald Trump and his family or the chronicles of the match between the well-known actor and his attorney girlfriend, or the supposed promised fantasy jobs..remember to take it all with a grain of salt and a smile. I learned this summer meeting in person family and friends is the winning hand.