Mike came up with this one day after I was lamenting the actions of a supposed friend on facebook. I spoke the truth about something figuring it would help her in the long run to know the situation since I was intimately familiar with it. Well, she attacked me and became kind of nasty. “She is throwing rose pedals at the swamp,” my husband retorted. It makes sense. In the end, I won’t comment again on her posts but let her continue her path with “like, like, like.”

Today, Michael went to the VA for his annual check to see if the cancer has returned as it is a highly aggressive cancer with a 40-50 chance of returning. I stayed home and made some stuffed manicotti filling the insides with blue cheese, spinach, and some Parmesan. Next week, will be the results. We will repeat this performance for the next 3 years as this is a critical time.

A good meal with a nice glass of wine can’t hurt the day. And when it is time to hear the truth, I pray we are up to it.