Just today, I was listening to a conversation about moving to the country and living on 2 acres of land in the middle of the country. So, I was thinking “would I rather live in the country surrounded by land or in the city?” I decided as I get older the city is a better place for me. Sometimes I think my husband would prefer the 2 acres in the middle of nowhere, but we still have the lawn to cut, the garden to take care of and as we get older, we might not want those responsibilities.

And then of course on our trip this summer to the Catskills searching for Keith’s house, I won’t easily forget the woman who came running down the stairs after her friend (the first person we saw outside for miles) invited me into the house to use her landline:  I can’t forget her strong exclamation, “Someone’s pulled into the driveway. We have company!” And then her happiness at having company which reminded me of my years growing up on a farm with 14 acres in the heart of the Catskills. When someone pulled into the driveway, on the 8 mile trip from town, it was an “event.” She was happy to see us, so happy that I wondered if she didn’t state my friend’s name slowly aloud as if memorizing, so she might look him up one day. Then she saw my husband waiting in the car and said, “Invite him in.” I quickly replied, “That is very nice of you but we do have a schedule.” And then I made sure I waved, so he knew I was still breathing. Remembering that my husband was already hesitant to stop and might be thinking that I was part of a Dateline episode. “She was very trusting. You know, she grew up in a small town,” I imagined my epitaph spoken aloud in the introduction.

I guess it all comes down to whether you would like to be reminded of the movie “Deliverance.” I can hear those banjo’s playing and having lived in some isolated parts of the Catskill’s and in Alabama, I can understand and remember the characters I met. Then I think of living in New York City or in Seoul; the city of Abu Dhabi; and for a short time Philadelphia. I realize that I would rather wrestle with the characters from the movie “My Cousin Vinny” than those from “Deliverance.” After living in cities, somewhere along the way I learned to appreciate those wise crackers like the lawyer, Vinny. I can more easily appreciate his line of thought than those who desire pure isolation. Maybe because I don’t identify with pure isolation as I like a little company now and then.

And still the banjo’s are enticing if only to stop you in your tracks.