Last night I rushed Michael to the VA Hospital as his blood pressure was too high!I didn’t realize that I was capable of driving so fast under pressure. We spent the evening there and they kept Michael for observation and as a precaution as his pressure started to stabilize. As usual, the VA Tampa was wonderful to both of us. This morning I am waiting for a call and he should be released by the early afternoon.

It is moments like that when you realize what matters: the extra boxes in the shed to give away are not a problem; nor is the hole being dug under the fence next to the side yard or a crazy neighbor down the street or the fact that you need to lose 25 lbs. What matters is the moment. We had planned to visit our friends in Indian Rock Beach and enjoy the beach and the day. I way laid about it and thought maybe I should stay home and finish editing a short story to be send away, and maybe enjoy a rare day alone since the summer vacation just began. I had gone on an interview this week for a full-time teaching job next year and I wasn’t feeling sociable. As I was debating and re-debating, Michael began to complain of tightness in his chest and recheck his pressure which continued to climb. He was in a terrible mood. Now I realize that he was scared as he probably knows his body well and realized that something was off. He had a heart attack while at his finance job in 2008 which was the same summer I was in the hospital having large tumors removed which they discovered were non-cancerous. It was a very stressful time for us.

So I walked the dog this morning, watered all the plants, cleaned up, planned a nice light dinner for us, called his friend, checked my emails to see if I now have a full-time position because life does go on when you least expect it. You can plan and over-plan but sometimes the best solution is “let’s roll.” In the words of Tom Beamer flight 93.