The other day I was trolling down Facebook checking out ‘eating light’, ‘recipes for low calorie treats’and seeing what my friends still teaching in the United Arab Emirates were up to. Some of them still were out brunching at elegant hotels or having an outdoor barbecue. I see that Ms. G is still with her new boyfriend as I have watched her switch several times since she first settled in the UAE seven years ago and she is with the same job!Facebook also makes some suggestions for me for friends most of whom I have never seen before. When I get bored, I can peruse different sale sites and contemplate buying some items. It is very addictive but can also be a dangerous medium if taken too seriously. I stop myself when I find myself comparing my situation to my friends in other parts of the country or world.

I say “a dangerous country” because the truth is not always posted on this medium. We post the reality we want others to see which doesn’t include the daily drudgery most of us contemplate daily. For example, this morning I helped my husband with some carpentry so that we will have a cooler home. Well, he performed the carpentry and the measurement of the wall unit while I kneeled holding two pieces of board sitting exactly still and praying he wouldn’t drill through my fingers.In between, I decided to do some dusting as I may not pass this way again for awhile! This reality allows me to improve my listening skills. An example would be when my husband is cleaning the gutters and I must get on the ladder and hand him his blower. I am not good with heights and afraid he will fall off the roof or I will fall off the ladder. When we finally finish the chore, I am happy.But the thing is that you can’t live life on social media. These daily drudgery is necessary to our existence and comfort, I am not going to publish what a selfie, “and here we are on the roof. Look at the view from up here! Holy cow, I can see my neighbor’s chimney.”

The positive thing is after I finish thinking or placing myself at the brunchery with my friend in Abu Dhabi or the possibility of a wonderful vacation that I see friends going on, or contemplate the best drinks for losing weight during the summer is that I am ready to approach reality again. I have noticed that house cleaning is full of lifting, reaching, and bending as is helping my husband with outdoor chores, so all the extra steps taken aren’t going to waste and I am living a healthy life. My husband knows some of these days are tough for both of us and goes to Publix to pick up a fresh fruit salad for breakfast. Life is funny. I often think about what might happen if I had stayed in New York City but then again, as someone recently told me, you could just have well have been in the twin towers on 9/11. And it is true that some Stony Brookers would have been in New York working in the financial district.

We don’t know but the best thing is to get off social media and start living our life. Remember social media is not always pretty but those posting want us to think life is always pretty. Sometimes you just have to get dirty to get a life.Consider yourself lucky if you meet a partner or friend willing to get dirty along with you.

Enjoy your summer. The last day of school is next week.