I wanted to share this blog because this lady cooks so well and I want to share her energy and good taste. Enjoy.

Paula's Comfort Kitchen

2017-04-27 05.50.56

We grill all the time, all year, all kinds of weather, all kinds of food, but there is something special to the first bbq of the season. So, how did we get there? I had to go to my office this morning, and realized that it was almost noon and I hadn’t defrosted anything for dinner, so I went to Giant and wandered the store till I figured out what I wanted. I wanted kababs, so I went to the butcher and asked for a small leg of lamb to cut up and marinate. Nope — they sold out at Passover/Easter and didn’t have any. Then I asked for thick cut sirloin steaks. Nope — they had it, but it was going on sale tomorrow for 1/2 price, so why didn’t I wait? I couldn’t disagree but had to regroup. As I turned to check out chops, I saw they…

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