I am so happy this week is over! My body hadn’t caught up from the long car trip, so when I had one one weekday off, I slept 14 hours! I subbed at some very challenging title 1 Renaissance schools this week. This morning while I was walking our block, I noticed 5 police cars in a nearby driveway trying to handcuff and put the man in the back of the squad car. I assumed that it must be serious to warrant this many police cars. As I went by, I overheard him telling the police, “You can’t do this. I am going peacefully.” But the thing is, he wasn’t. He was kicking them and he was a very big man. There were two women who I assume were part of his household watching the proceeding and doing nothing to assist the officers. I was watching and thinking how challenging a situation this must be for policemen and policewomen during this time. This lasted for about an hour as I had time to walk the dog, water the front garden, check out the grasshoppers eating the plants, and sweep the entryway.

It reminded me of my week at an elementary school with a student from the 4th grade. The student made a move which made me very uncomfortable, so I called the office. While I was telling a teacher next door, she protected him by saying that perhaps I had misunderstood him. That same day, I decided I would not return to this school. The next day, I was a co-teacher with a 1st grade teacher and watched her have 4 children removed from the classroom. It was an exhausting day and all I attempted to assist her with was crowd control. Occasionally, I sat down with the more challenging students and worked individually or in small groups with them. I was glad to see the end of the week nearing. I see some similarities between the movements of the police and administration/teachers in some schools.

I am not sorry for the education that it is giving me or the choice I made to return to subbing in the district, but my eyes are wide-open.