I received the 3rd draft of The Horror Zinefrom the editor Jeani Rector.She accepted 3 of my poems to be published along with a short bio. I am happy; somehow I feel better about all of the rejections received and it is a great validation which somehow as I reread my poetry to be published makes them sound better. Or maybe they were better all along.

The end of a busy week. Mike and I had a chance to visit a booksale today at the library in New Tampa. Every book was 50 cents. For $8, we lucked out and I came home laden with books by Stephen King, Sara Palin, Jeffery Deavr, Christopher Reich and a new author, Richard Montanari. For 50 cents, I will take a ticket on the ride!I am now into the 5th class teaching at the base. The class is very gifted and I am enjoying reading their essays. I am learning to find my way around the base after getting lost on my way out at night.

During the weekday, I am subbing in the school district again mostly at the elementary level until the end of the year. Yesterday, I met a delightful sub who was Lebanese and spoke fluent French. We co-taught together a rather challenging 2nd grade class. By the end of the day, we were exhausted but we had each met a new friend and I left with her contact information. She just started subbing about 6 month ago and hopes to find a position as a French teacher. We shared much in common including a love of big cities; a love of France and French things; and even similar food habits. It was good to meet her and have someone to speak with as subbing can be lonely sometimes. The office was very glad to see how well we got along! They knew we would have a rough day!

Today is beautiful. I feel good. I corrected the work for my Academic Writing I class; have my lesson plan ready (5 hour class); and power points ready to roll. I have some good books and a beautiful day outside. We have some good plans for tomorrow, so all is good. Enjoy the day!