HPIM3151I have enjoyed a busy but a good week and am looking forward after correcting some papers to enjoying a good book. I promised this recipe for buttercream to Freda Dias who writes the blog “Aromatic Essence.”

As long time owners of a cupcakerie, my husband and I discovered that instead of adding cream to the buttercream, adding a sliver of cream cheese works wonderfully with the frosting. Since the milk or added cream will allow for the frosting to not last as long, the cream cheese is the solution. We also learned that butter should be softened on the counter and never in the microwave as this is a disaster. There are many little hints and tricks we learned along our  four year journey including “Tourani” flavoring for the frosting; adding some pink lemonade mix to the buttercream for the “Pink Lady” and of course the most testiest but the most delicious frosting for “Bugs” which is the carrot cake cream cheese frosting is to not add butter and to be stingy with adding confectioner’s sugar to the cream cheese before the perfect butter cream mixture which will hold up for hours and days refrigerated.

When we prepared a soft frosting (mascarpone cheese) for our dirty vanilla, the mixture was very fickle and could either be delicious or a fiasco depending on the hand of the person mixing and their mood in the morning. I came up with the idea for the initial cupcake frosting but my husband perfected it. The trick is to be very stingy when adding the confectioner’s sugar to the mascarpone cheese or the frosting will topple.It is a fine line because most customers preferred some sweetness to the frosting topping the red velvet cupcake and if not enough was added, the frosting could be sour.  Initially, it was very funny because we had one female customer who would come and eat it in the store. If she didn’t like it, she would fuss about it. Finally, one day I confided, “My husband made this one.” She told me, “I like your version better.” It became a standing joke to both of us when we saw her coming. I would anxiously await her arrival as she fussed between tweeting on her phone and eating her “dirty vanilla” cupcake. Would she like it this time? She did tell us that she missed us very much as she came to love both our version of “dirty vanilla.”

Ok. Well, I have a few household chores, a good book awaiting me, some papers to correct from my composition class, and my husband will be home soon from Ikea where he has gone to pick up some materials for installing a new light for our hallway. He is also bringing me some lox so I can pretend to be a New Yorker tomorrow morning spreading my cream cheese on a toasted bagel with a side of lox. Enjoy the weekend!