This week is spring vacation and I have been wandering around like the lost piper of Baghdad or maybe of some old story tale that you pick up to read to your child at night.I caught a vicious cold last week from one of the elementary schools I was in and passed it on to Michael. So, with the cold front on in Florida which means the temperature goes below 50 degrees, I have been trying to get better. I also have a 5 hour class one night a week at the military base. It is a new location and a new crowd for me, so I am learning on my feet. It is kind of like dangling off a cliff and I find that I often get lost on the base as the instructions I am given confuse me greatly: “Follow the path to the left past 10 traffic lights. Go past the first stop sign and then continue to the second stop sign which you will turn left.” Unfortunately there is a turn in the road with two stops signs which confuse me greatly but eventually I find the classroom.

I research past blogs and sometimes find they gave up, so I don’t want to stop writing. Sometimes my days and times are boring, but I like having this record of past deeds and experiences. Today I am nearing the end of the Spring vacation, so I need to make the most of it. I still feel under the weather but I will go exercise, shop for some ingredients, revise next week’s lesson, and make eggplant Parmesan as planned.

My husband and I are Irish but we don’t have any Saint Patrick Day events planned. Sometimes the best event for an Irish girl like me is knowing the house is safe, we are healthy, and the dinner is in the oven.