I write this in fun and hope no one takes offense to the title.

Things I have learned in my life:

  1. Men, husbands, boyfriends, brothers, fathers don’t respond well to being told how to do something. They have to learn on their own.
  2. If you want to start a chain reaction, mention American politics anytime from now through the past 8 years especially if you are travelling overseas.
  3. The things you most fear don’t come true and those you don’t think about will give you the jillies one day.
  4. The other day, someone mentioned to me after a crime show that is most likely that I have probably met a murderer in my lifetime: the odds are good. I said, “As long as it is not you, we’re good.”
  5. The things you think you want and need are not the things you really need or want. A nice car is wonderful, but it is more important it gets you from place to place.
  6. If in your 40’s, you knew all that at 25, you would be sitting on the Ritz!
  7. People on your social media page are never as good in person.
  8. Cats have wonderful inner lives and communicate some things better than humans.
  9. It is better to have 2 true friends than 2, 000 on social media.
  10. Fortunes come and fortunes go, but the person who stays with you when you hit rock bottom is the person you want for the voyage.
  11. Things in the past were never as romantic or as good as we imagined them.
  12. If you have any insight, please share.

Just thinking aloud and Thanks for listening. Enjoy the weekend!