I guess that sports teaches us something about life: we can’t always win and sometimes those not picked are the best bets. My husband was explaining to me the other day about picking for Tier 1,2, and 3 schools. I didn’t quite understand everything but I understood the fairness of letting those who were not winning have a chance to pick the players who can help them win. Anyway, Tom Brady was picked in the 5th round: 192nd pick and the Patriots picked six other players before him. The coach picked him because he was intelligent. He was a smart quarterback and not necessarily the best. The coach stated I can teach him how to play. “Give me someone with intelligence.” And we know the rest of the story, he is a very smart quarterback.

So, I understand that sometimes good picks are not chosen. Those who should be chosen for jobs or universities might not always get the recognition they deserve. Tom Brady is the biggest indicator I know of this.

What brought us to this story is there is a football player who lives near us. My husband mentioned after seeing him with his friends that he may from graduated from a University in the West and was waiting for the draft picks. This led into a conversation about the draft picks and the mechanics of it all. I listened with half an ear until I heard the details about Tom Brady and realized how much of it applied to daily life. Even with all of the picketing continuing about the choices of President Trump’s cabinet: I wonder why there are so many bad losers out there. Why can’t they accept and like Brady work their butt off until they win. Accept President Trump’s decision as we have accepted the decisions of other Presidents and be supportive.

I would rather know there are some intelligent people out there who realize it is in our best interests to band together. I would rather hire a person who is passionate about the job than the person who knows and excels in the technical aspect. The passionate person is going to get out there and figure out a way to win. Enjoy the weekend and thanks for listening.