Well that 8 minute cheesecake lasted about 3 days! It was easy and delicious. Our company was fantastic and we enjoyed every minute. He brought his little puppy which has a smattering of pug and now our pug is moping because he misses him. My online class started as did my new in-house job, so I have been busy getting supplies, testing, and learning the new system.

I am still waiting to hear if the Horror Zine likes my new rewrite of my short story. I guess never give up as I submitted the story last year.  It is slowly getting warmer! I feel good about things. 2017 is starting with a bang.

I am waiting to pull out some more recipes from my mom’s stash. She has some good ones and knowing the value of time, she kept the prep time in check. I feel as if this may be the year that I catch my breath and have time to lean in and think, “it has been worth it.”