This will be my last column until after the New Year. End of the year will be meeting up with some friends to celebrate New Years..small business owners and sharing news, swapping some old war stories of small business. My stepson is coming to visit us which is good news. He is a executive with a major automobile manufacturer and not even 35 yet! Joshua has been to their plant in Germany and all over the country moving right along with them. I am very proud of him and see much of his father, my husband in him.

Before I begin my workweek next week as vacation is over this week, I want to finish a short story I have been reworking for awhile. I have decided to change the direction of it with some background from India and African superstitions which means I will research on the internet. I don’t often do this, but usually use characters I have previously met. I have met some interesting people for sure, and use some vignettes of my previous life which is why I keep blogging about these times. I find in talking with other people my work experience and travel was unique and it makes for interesting writing. So, it is for motivation to keep on finishing the short story before the turn of the New Year.

Writing is like exercising. It gets downright dirty at times and you humph and you haw, sweating with exertion until you reach some kind of a plateau. Often, no one acknowledges you, just like my blog but they glance at you curiously or give you the eye checking out if they know you or recognize you. You need steel determination to write and to persevere against the tide, kind of like entering the door of a gym remembering you don’t feel like a jock but sometimes you have to ride through the discomfort to arrive at the other side.

I don’t expect to write again until after the New Year, so enjoy your time. And if anyone reads my blog, I am happy but I write for me…little ole me. I only wish that I had learned the lesson Joshua learned years ago…the road is often faced in solitude as you swim against the popular current. My husband raised him to do the right thing and not to take mind of cruising with the current. He is ahead of his time. I think we will have a good year because we voted in the renegade and not the career politician. I recognize myself as the renegade also because I rarely go with the tide.