12 things I gave thanks for:
1. I follow my intuition and go against the grain of popular thinking. I am more apt to vote for the card out of the deck than the one following the deck. My instincts serve me well.
2. I finally understand my father who grew up during the Depression and his lessons. My mother’s thrift and fear of spending was passed on to me easily but now I understand my father.
3. As I listened to my husband and his son on the phone last night, I understand my father’s lessons with his chess games. Thank you.
4. I am grateful that my students used the Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary and looked up vocabulary the old-fashioned way. It was heavy to bring but I relished in seeing them rifle through the pages.
5. I like that a few of them think of me as being “mean” because I make them work and won’t give them a good grade unless they deserve it. They are young: 18: their time will come and they will remember.
6. My husband’s health is good, as is mine. I went to my VA appointment and my doctor congratulated me on how relaxed and more positive I seemed after our store closed. The weight of carrying two jobs is not there anymore.
7. Thank you mom for teaching me how to cook from the basics.
8. Thank you to the Bridge Department at Saint Leo who recently gave me fantastic references to an inquiry about me. Thank you for allowing me to trust completely that when I do my job, you have complete faith in me and support me.
9. I can let go the mean remarks about the election. I have faith in my candidate and my belief but I don’t need to broadcast to the world. I have moved on.
10. I realize that I am an open enough person to forgive those who have wronged me. I have moved on. I am also open enough to accept people with different beliefs and different cultures from mine. This is what enabled me to survive as a student and as an instructor in Great Britain, France, Israel, Asia, and the United Arab Emirates. It is also why I chose to get my masters in linguistics.
11. I am at peace that I am not working overseas at this moment, but I still harbor an expectation that I will one day.
12. I am happy for new opportunities coming my way.
13. Thank you.
14. I give thanks that I can leave my list at 13 and not feel it is bad luck. I am over that belief.
15 And thank you to a former customer at our store Cupcake Cache, who believed in me 4 years ago, and send my resume to a University who gave me some great opportunities.