One of the things I really admire about Melania Trump is her ability to handle the stage with grace. How many wives are able to gracefully share the stage with children from two different wives? I don’t know of any. I know some of you will think if I were in her shoes, it would be totally doable. Well, you may not be a stepmother. I am one. When I married my husband, my stepchildren were teenagers and almost ready to leave their home for college or military service. So, we shared some time with them during the summer and I was held captive to a dance of which I knew nothing about. It was challenging for me to see the play the emotions, the manipulation, and the rest of the tune. At one point, it almost broke up the relationship between my husband and I but we moved past it.

So, I can understand that to be the daughter of Marla Maples and the only child is probably not an easy situation either. I remember attending the Marble Collegiate Church. There were many fans of Ivanka and some of the people who gossiped about the relationship between Marla and Donald: it was not pretty and quite unlike listening to the sermons on the power of positive thinking. Even today, there is a separation in distance between the grandchildren and us. We are certainly in touch through social media, but we hope she will make the trip to see us. I felt for my husband every time there was an argument: my heart went out to him. Time and distance have been healers.We have visited them when we were able to and we send gifts, and I happily look at the pictures from when we visited. Those were not easy times for his daughter: in the years following, she remarried and grew up. I think they also know me as grandma but it is never an easy road. However to children there is no difference between step grandma and grandma.

But I can understand that being on the stage at 46 years old (close in age to his first wives children), becoming the first foreign born wife of a President in 200 years, and not always agreeing with President to be Trump on the major issues: she is a woman that many of us can identify with. The Trump family is representative of the American fabric of life and change: he has been married three times, so he shares the stage with his current wife and children from his former marriages. He has declared bankruptcy twice, as have many American been forced into this position. I am sure there are other things that we can identify with easily but the thing I admire about Melania is her grace and style.

I think that her plan to fight cyberbulling is very current and important to many people. I like that she stands by her man even when he is attacked by the public. That is something many of us identify with especially as we may not be the first wife and sometimes ugly issues still arise, but we stand by our man because we know him even better than the other wives. Change does come about. Happy holidays everyone! Today is a good day to get out the Christmas tree.