The day began gently with the promise of Thanksgiving week off for students and teachers.  The weather is cooler in the 40’s this morning, so you snuggle under the blankets because it is someone else’s turn to walk the dog.  Your time to prepare a nice breakfast for two.  Later on, you go for a bike ride and the weather has become warmer and you pass your neighbor’s sitting outside with their grandchildren.

When you return home, you look at the beautiful photographs of your grandchildren on facebook attesting to the success of your stepchildren as parents.  The day is warmer.  The pug snores gently relieved that both of you have returned home.  The meat is thawing for dinner tonight.  The simple joys are around you.

Mike will watch a football game and you will correct some papers stopping to read or catch up on some housework.  Tonight you prepare dinner and tomorrow he will.  The simple things are nice to have around fitting like a cloak wrapped tightly around your shoulders.  There will be time to digest the news of the day and even to participate and be in the present surviving both bad news and good news.

But for today, simplicity wins the game.  Enjoy your Sunday.