It is often during the holidays when our spirits are stretched and our good humor disappears like a bald eagle flying elsewhere.  This morning as I lay in bed, I thought of my small blessings which include a husband who supports me with my beliefs, and dreams.

Note to self:  it doesn’t always include him listening to my poetry attempts but he does commensurate with my rejection slips.

2.  I have a beautiful calico cat who follows me and my dog on walks anytime of the day or night.  That is devotion. Note to self: she also depends on me for tuna and evaporated milk.

3.  My home is safe, warm, and feels right.  Note to self: it took over a decade to arrive at this station in my home.

4.  We live in an area surrounded by interesting people near a major university.  If I want to go shopping for Korean food, Spanish, Arabic…the small business is less than 2 miles away, if not closer.  Note to self:  none.

5.  My husband’s cancer is in remission, so we are good this year.  Note to self: when it is time to worry, this too shall pass.

6.  Note to self: We survived the past, so the future looks glorious. Enjoy your day.