Over the last couple of days, I have watched some very ignorant people, including reporters blast President Trump and his supporters. I am appalled that Trump supporters have been attacked and that the Democratic party is supposed to be one of compassion and understanding. Who are they fooling? Along the way, I have read some accounts of the wide variety of Trump supporters which transcends races, gender, and even parties. These last eight years haven’t been working and we wish Mr. Trump the best.

I was appalled over one British reporter referring to Trump’s supporters as simple-minded farm people and others referred to his supporters as uneducated working class mad at being out of a job. That is true the working class are his supporters but we are not uneducated. The news isn’t taking polls about that.

Yesterday, I had a flashback day to my Freshman year at Stony Brook University. It is a very liberal university and it offered me a full academic scholarship, so off I went. My father was extremely disappointed as he felt that Saint Bonaventure was a better fit, but there was a waiting list and no promise of a scholarship. I was so impressed with the size and the diversity of the University. I specifically asked to be placed in the International dorm, so I had roommates from India, Iran,China, etc. I spoke often with friends from Israel studying to be doctors. Ironically, my worst roommate was an American women from Brooklyn who showed no interest in rooming with me, and she left after one month. She felt we had little in common, but I remember I tried. I can remember calling my mom and asking why she stared at me with hostility. It was my first experience with racism toward me as white American. I can remember stating to my mom, “but she doesn’t know me or how I grew up.” I was so naive that it wasn’t till years later, I understood that she didn’t want to know me. I had no apprehensions or hesitation to discuss anything with anyone. I was a very open-minded person. I enjoyed discussing issues with the Marxists in front of the Student Union.

My father was afraid the University would make me a Marxist. No, I thought there was something weird about a 40 year old man parading in dirty clothes with long hair for us to become socialists. I wondered why he wasn’t working. The economy was very weak then and employment was much discussed in my home. I listened to him, but he was entertainment or fodder for my stories I send home. As I watch the demonstrations at Universities against Trump, I am confused as to why they hate him so much. I wondered if they have learned to critically look at the issues and make a judgement call. Generations change so much. My generation was not coddled by anyone; my father expected much from me and my brothers. Sometimes I am an over achiever and sometimes I whine, but I always learned to get back on my feet, get out there, and take the blame when I needed to accept responsibility. We don’t know if Trump can achieve everything he has set out to to, but we have faith that things can not get worse….it has been a long eight years.

Thank you for listening.