I feel some trepidation about the results of the election. I enter with my eyes open knowing that the special interest groups arranged by gender, classification, agenda will have their Presidential nominee in mind and will do anything to get him or her there. I was outraged the other day that it was posted on my linkedIn profile that I was following Clinton. I am not sure how it got there. I did publish a poem once called “No Borders” which was about floating between worlds invisible and hearing both sides of the discussion; I was thinking of Israel.

I am afraid but will myself to have no fear and show no fear. I believe the best person will win and for me that person is Trump. The advertisement campaign against Trump was extremely ugly and perpetuates the truth that Clinton is nasty. Trump did not attack her similarly. I believe he is a person of few words but of action when he decides to complete something; it will be done. If his brutal honesty has hurt a few feelings, so be it. I am more comfortable with a person honest to my face and with whom I know what to expect than someone I cannot trust and feel there is a deep scary layer beneath what I see.

I have relatives who are voting Democrat and I struggle with wanting to unfriend them on facebook but I hesitate. I do remember though my father years ago looking at the checkbook of one of my cousins (political science major) at Georgetown University and asking her, “How do you come up with your numbers?” She is voting for Clinton, I am 98% sure of this. I only hope that if She is elected; the numbers will balance and also that I will not fear retribution from my job for being a Clinton supporter if the Head of my Department votes democrat. This may sound like paranoia to you, the reader but some of the things I have experienced in the past five years have led me to expect anything and to watch my back.

I am a fair person still willing to listen to both sides and be visible but that doesn’t mean everyone will be fair when the cards play out. Thanks for listening!