“I could never put a Trump sign in my yard because I fear the hostility that Hillary supporters have for him,” Morris explained. “It’s raw. I thought about it, but we are on a major road and I thought somebody might do something to our house. I didn’t want to risk it. I would, if I felt safe.” This was a quotation from a newspaper in Baltimore. After reading this, I wondered what would happen if Hilary Clinton becomes President. Would her fans “bullies” bully the rest of us into submission: are we expected to fork over more in taxes and will other more severe penalties be imposed upon us by her supporters and her policies.

We have already seen that health care is not working and more people’s premiums are sky rocketing. What about the Clinton Foundation receiving monies from countries which favor shariah law and blatant disregard of human rights? Is Hilary really for women and if so, why didn’t she leave Bill Clinton when he so blatantly cheated on her with many women. Then she verbally attacked the women. What message does that send to our children? Put up with the behavior….have some companies and countries already paid for her favors: is she in their pocket? What kind of jobs will we leave to our children? If our children are not part of the hierarchy which her daughter is part of…will they have as many chances as they struggle to pay for the illegal immigrants living in our country while the legal immigrants silently resent them.

Can we trust her? No. Please do the sensible thing and vote for Mr. Trump. Last night, I watched netflix’s story of Amanda Knox “Foxy Noxy.” She was in prison for three years. I blamed her demise those three years on some reporters who fabricated lies and lay heat to the story because it brought them 5 minutes of fame. Oh, and there was a very clumsy detective who bungled the case and referred to himself as a “prophet.” However, the person who impressed me was Donald Trump who went on record under interview supporting her and willing to go in at any cost and get her. She was eventually acquitted when the person who was the attacker and a career robber was indicted.

And just for the record, I will not “vote” for her because we are both female. I remember the day after President Obama was elected, I overheard a neighbor telling another neighbor, “I can’t believe we are finally in!” I always felt uncomfortable speaking with her again because I remembered what she had said. I am open minded enough to realize that we are not voting for a race or a gender but the best person for the job for all of us. I truly believe this!

You have to like a man who stands by a woman. That is all I have to say.
Stay safe and well this coming week.