I conclude that many of us will be discovering new roads and adventures with the results of the elections. Some of us will be happy and others of us will feel dehydrated with worry and fear as if the boat to carry us forth is missing. Yet we will carry on and continue.

I often think of returning to the Catskills and seeing the view from our old farmhouse. I wonder though as I look out the window at the creek or as I climb that hill between Jeffersonville and Callicoon Center, will the view I see still be the same and will I still be the Jo I remember from Little House on the Prairie. Or has my viewpoint changed as my encounters with the world have shaped and changed who I thought I once was? Now, am I more Meg, the responsible one coming home to roost and prepare for our future….making my nest and settling in like Beth with maybe a tiny bit of Amy still in me trying to make the garden as charming and myself as I can? I still love children and even though I spend so little time teaching them; I remain convinced that with the right class and the right administration, I would have awakened that spirit of adventure only found in the very young. Unfortunately, I was part of another’s agenda and that was not included that year.

Dolls from different countries. I hope children still play with them and get off the computer to read about living in other countries. Those dolls were important for me because they showed me a person that I thought I could become. The realities of the world which I have traveled showed me a different side of each country. I have experienced the challenges of being different in another country and of trying to adapt. Those are experiences which shape my education and my background and if the only price I paid was letting go of the doll collection and of material possessions, so I could travel…I now understand why my parents as they became older were so eager to sell everything and travel.

It is the experiences we hunger for not the facebook pictures we post but rather the unknown itinerary we follow. Much has changed since I was a little girl waiting for my future to arrive. The world is in flux but somewhere there are still girls setting up their dolls in order or maybe practicing that basketball shot 30 times a week, just so to have it perfect. It is the actual practice of these desires and interests that will bring the child to adulthood. And as for me, my road became more of teaching the mechanics of writing composition to college freshman at a major university where I have been lucky to meet some wonderful people who mentored and nurtured me along the way. Every once in awhile though I dream of another path not traveled and wondered what I might have been able to teach the very young. Then I realize with my 5 years as a guardian ad litem and my precious but little time with my grand children that I have reached some of them.  Life takes away some chances but rewards us with new destinations. That is why today I refuse to live in fear that things will be taken from me once I grow to enjoy them.  Jobs, friends, material possessions are temporary I have learned through bitter experience but confidence in whom I am today will remain with me.  I cannot trust economics, rivalry, competition, or chance, but I can prepare to live in the present and not blame the past.  There are always going to be people who are better politically than me;  people who know the right person; and even people who just get dang lucky.  I can work as best as I can and still not even land the gold, but I can bounce back when a road block comes my way by not taking it personally.

I will not fear the results of the election or the decisions of people I cannot control.  I only try my best and keep my eyes wide open.