Picture 102

Sundays are for enjoying a well thought out breakfast and finishing some chores.  This is when the Irish house cleaner somewhere in my Swedish background takes over and I clean as part therapy and part devil-tress.  I laugh because somewhere mixed in my ancestry is the story of a Swedish maid who fall in love with a well established New York Family around the turn of the century introducing blonde hair, blue eyed Swedes on my father’s side.  I wonder if I inherited her genes as I don’t mind cleaning and welcome it as a chance to organize my thoughts and my home.

I made some delicious homemade pancakes this morning and added banana and strawberries to the mix.  I made them from scratch and was initially bedeviled and in a bit of chaotic frenzy as the recipe from the paper was not good.  I had found this recipe included in an article written in 2012 about how aprons were making a comeback.  Initially, I thought it would be wonderful to design and sell them in our store, but we were too busy and we let that dream go. Yesterday while organizing my papers, I found the article and decided to try the recipe.  So, there I am standing with a runny batter already annoyed that this is what following the recipe accomplished.  Mike took over before I blew off more steam and added more flour.  I was ready to argue over the fact that I was ready to use coconut oil because I didn’t have crisco and he was convinced that with a change of ingredients, it wouldn’t work. The scene reminded me of busy early mornings in our store!  Different training…in the kitchen was how I summed it up, so I followed the recipe and it didn’t work.  But the pancakes were delicious and we ate them enjoying reading the Sunday paper.

It feels as if we have been riding on a continuous roller coaster with deep curves and high peaks from 2012 to December 2015 when we closed the store.  Then I continued as an adjunct accepting another adjunct position at a language school which was part of a University.  I was hired on to finish the last 6 weeks to replace an adjunct who suddenly left.  Once inside,  I understood why she left suddenly but I completed the semester with a full class load …so the roller coaster continued to increase the speed going up the hill and then classes finished for the summer.  I was left with excess energy and some angst over the stopping of everything.

So, I have  been accustomed to giving 100 % and during the summer, there was the chance to slow down, stop, and relax.  It was really challenging for me …and continues to be but I decided to finish some house projects with my husband, take care of the bucket list, and start writing creatively again.  I may pick up another part time position in addition to my adjunct job which begins again next week, but we shall see.  Nothing is ever written in stone in education and once you think your cards are in a row, they come undone…and someone else has the ace.

On the other hand, Michael is cancer free this year and his health is improving.  Our home is looking much better than before now that we have time.  I am learning to enjoy the down time of the roller coaster ride.

Enjoy the week.