Inspiration comes from many sources:  when I first started blogging, my husband and I were still running our cupcakerie “Cupcake Cache.”  Very few people followed us but many followed us on facebook.  For inspiration during waiting for customers and waiting for the cupcakes to bake, I would read a blogger who went by the name of “Sprinkle.”  She wrote about living and working as a teacher in the Middle East.  Her blog was called “A Sprinkle of Al Sharq.”  I enjoyed her writing very much…she spoke about her marriage, her divorce, her life in the Middle East as a single mom.  By the time, she reached Kuwait, she was newly married and ready for a new start, so she suddenly disappeared much to my chagrin.  Her difficulties and her celebrations were very valid and thought provoking.  If you google her, you will find her blog.

I would definitely recommend her blog to read when you need to be inspired.  Her blog introduced me to the beautiful photography of Steve McCurry:  if you google him, his blog will appear.  I have often said that I don’t have many followers but I am beginning to know better those who follow me.  I thank them for their support. It is not the numbers of likes or supporters but a sense of connection.  I will mention some of them one day but not today.

My husband inspired me last night when we heard some fantastic news about our son (my stepson) who is in his early 30s’ and on his way to becoming an executive with a major auto company.  He is married with 4 children and just received a new promotion, so the company is sending him to Baltimore, Maryland with a generous package.  My husband mentioned that he is very ambitious and will probably go even higher.  He is amazing because nothing was given to him and he earned every piece of success on his own from his place of debarkation from a small town in Oklahoma to where he is now:  married with 4 children living a very successful and busy life.

I said to my husband, “Everything had to work.”  He thought I meant something else and was short changing him, but I wasn’t.  I simply meant that his time in the military, his time spent on the job being an apprentice sweeping the floor while learning the trade, and his eventual rise in several companies while he received his MBA.  It all came together and he was lucky.  There is some luck to it.  I mentioned many of us are ambitious and hard working, but sometimes things don’t gell as with our cupcakerie or even with the teaching trade.  I speak with many of my teacher friends still roaming the globe or working in another field outside of teaching…and many of them have been leaving teaching since 2008.  I am proud of my stepson, and I believe that he made many opportunities for himself, but a certain percentage is that illusive lady called “luck” and of course, never giving up or knowing when to give up on one direction and redirect.

So, Michael gave me a challenge to write that book.  He has watched me all summer writing short stories, poetry and sending them off to journals with a few acceptance letters, but many “no’s.” So, he challenged me to write 1-3 pages a day when I return from adjunct teaching and keep going until a book is finished.  And the man knows how to get to me:  I felt initially annoyed and then challenged.  I can do that!

Sometimes we find our inspiration not within us but around us.  Thank you! Enjoy your weekend.