The other night, I was watching the story of Michael Phelps brief fall from fame and descent into self pity and then his phenomenal rise to the challenge of the 2016 Olympics.  How many of us will ever forget the funny backyard behavior when he is provoked by Chad Le Clos, the South African swimmer who beat Phelps in 2012.  As one watches the shadow dancing of Chad Le Clos in front of Phelps face and the stormy overcast face of Phelps…and we heard all the rumors of trash talking in the Olympic Village of Le Clos toward Phelps and reference to him as “an old man” we want Phelps to win again and again.

As he lifts himself from the pool, it is sometimes painful to watch as he is 31 years old and exhausted.  He has so much heart and isn’t that what makes us want him so badly to win! Everyone there has those crazy talents but not everybody has the heart.

Here is a short poem I wrote about a month ago when I heard someone mention “bourbon and poor choices.” I loved the line and felt it referred to Phelp’s very brief descent into self wallowing and pity.  On the other hand, during this time, he was reunited with his father.  I have become a new fan of Michael Phelps.  Hope you enjoy the poem.  At least the expression is one to remember.

 Enjoy your weekend.  

Bourbon and poor choicesdownload

Visited me the other night …in the


I woke loco-in primavera….inhabiting

My cocoon like a butterfly

Trapped by its cocoon—as the months passed

Eventually I flew away

Because that was the only choice

I made along with

Other poor choices.