My husband mentioned to me this morning as it was his time to walk the dog, “We are supposed to be getting a deluge today.”  True, in our immediate area it is reported, so the dog will be walked early and some staples are picked up early this morning.

In the next couple of months, I have a feeling that my life may be a deluge, if I can creatively experiment with that word, of work as I return to adjunct and perhaps a new job at a charter school.  I anticipate that I may get hired at one, so if you don’t hear from me…just know I am busy and happy to be busy again.  My body craves to be active..after we closed the store…I missed the constant activity.  The store and being an adjunct (part time job) were a perfect combination but now I have a lot of time.  For my husband, the time to get better is perfect.  But for me, I become anxious.

He continues to have some problems with his back, a kidney stone, and so many of his body parts were removed to take care of the tumors that he is not the same person physically.  Last Friday, we visited a store owner of homemade ice cream who visited us many times discussing business plans with my husband who has a MBA in finance.  I sensed that he understood and voiced some concern of how Mike might feel after having all the operations.  I want him to be the same person and walk with me and go all over, but I sense it will not always happen. His body has taken many hits.

To diverge from the topic, this is a note…I don’t have many likes on my blogs…you know, like 48 clicks praising me and my life.  That is ok with me because I know that I am just a honest fast forward woman from a small town in the middle of the mountains who choose mostly to follow the paths less traveled and often reinvented herself because of necessity.  My husband was in the military almost two decades …jumping out of planes, landing in foreign territories, and in combat.  I wasn’t in the military in this capacity…my body is better now and much healthier.  Physically, I bounce back quickly  but my husband’s situation growing up and mine are also different.  I wish we had met sooner but we met soon enough.  Some things you can control and some you can’t.

So. where was I going? Well, I did have a poem published this summer by an online literary magazine, and I did read lots of poetry and short stories trying to improve my writing but literary submission is a hit or a miss…very subjective.  I mentioned the clicks because by now I realize that I am a great team member to have, but I am also an independent thinker on the team, and the same goes for me in all of my endeavors.  My story isn’t one of foreign intrigue for a decade or even of great familial love, but my blog is truthful and gritty to the bone….close to the edge, as we get older….I struggle with being healthier and worrying about being alone.  But for now, I hold my husband, my pug, and a few friends close as I continue writing this blog.

Thanks for listening if you’re following.  If my blog needles you, and you feel compassion or understanding because you recognize the path, then my work is done.