Every day of the summer the weatherman guesses at what the weather will be…sometimes you go to walk the dog when you can and a planned bike ride is cancelled as storms arrive sooner than later. When the thermostat climbs to 97 degrees and aol reports it feels like 107 degrees, you know you are in for a hot day. And then at some point, the storms hit and the rain and lightning shriek outside. Most of us can stand the rain, but one should always be careful of lightning which can randomly strike.

These are the days when you finish your chores outside as soon as possible or you walk the dog in the dusk after dinner when the sun goes down. I am happy not to be baking in the morning next to the hot stove although a great feeling of accomplishment was there when we finished but I can find that sense of accomplishment in other ways. I can definitely find other projects to keep me busy until the semester begins which is soon (3 weeks).

We didn’t get to go on our vacation to Orlando but that is ok with me. The money saved went to needed installments in the house and our daily lives. The crowds and the heat may have been uncomfortable and this will give us more time to plan and maybe the weather will be cooler. Right now for vacation, I am thinking of a cruise to Alaska or have pangs of jealousy when I hear of people visiting Iceland.

I grew up in the Catskill Mountains, so I am very familiar with the touch of icicles that reach from the roof to the ground and wading in knee high snow…learning to ski in the mountains was a beautiful experience as was having 10 snow days a year during school time. Learning to ski bode me well in Korea where I learned Koreans show no fear when shifting off the top of the mountain. Maybe that is how they were able to recover so quickly when their economy went under in the late 90s. They just kept on plugging revealing no fear.

I saw similar attempts to bring indoor skiing to malls in Dubai, but nothing beats the real thing. And that is why I am waiting for that cruise to Alaska. It may not be next year, but I have faith it will happen. About this time, that sounds like the perfect vacation for summer in Florida. Stay cool! Here come the drenching rains as promised by the weather report at noon today but let me check my clock; it is 9:13 AM.