“It is just too much for me. I was taking care of my mother before she passed away, and then my accident at AIbertson’s I just need to get away from here and take care of me. Maybe go on a few trips and enjoy my time. “ Tamara nodded. It sounded good and she felt happy for Jane yet she wondered about some of the garden plants. Would she take them all with her? Everything is going in storage Jane repeated. Then she sighed and began to become agitated as if she couldn’t wait for Tamara to go. After Tamara was assured that Jane would be living somewhere nearby in an apartment which she rented years years ago. The manager still was the same, Jane told here. So, she left and told her husband that she was rather disappointed how quickly Jane tried to get rid of her. She looked up the apartments online remembering the name and read that the reputation of the apartments was not that good.

So she continued to enjoy her summer and finally felt as if she was catching up on sleep and feeling better along with watching her husband’s improved health. Both of them noticed Jane’s lawn , her grass getting longer and everything had disappeared including the beautiful flower pots and the concrete waterfall outside her house. Tamara remembered the young man from the neighborhood who came to mow her lawn and take care of the indoor pool. Jane had been going to give his number to Tamara for their lawn but she had never completed it.

As she continued her daily walk, she noticed the For Sale sign which went up at the house with the family that left. The old rusted out wire wheel barrow was still propped up against the side of the house. When she talked about it with her husband, he wondered aloud if the family had been squatting. With the downturn of the economy, many had lost jobs in their neighborhood and things just weren’t the same as when they moved in early 2000. About 2008 had been a rough year for many and the downturn continued.
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