The other day, I read that all of our likes, dispositions, and even perhaps the choice of our mate and our career in life were predetermined by our DNA.Some believe there is a plan and we are predestined to select along a familiar path.  Just when you thought you were finally in charge!  An interesting thought; like a Brave New World. So, I wrote this poem…….

You are my blueprint
I roll the dice
But the dice is heavy in my hand as
everything that begins with ing has already been determined
Before I was born…by my genes….
Those imprints were already well marked….
during important times
Were left by you and then
transcended to me….I am your daughter…
I like what you like
Baking, reading, writing, travelling.
My DNA is the same
It is like the y to the b to the a
And everytime I try to change my footprint
You enter the room
Like a silent detractor
And nudge me toward the plan.