Trouble comes early this year with Trump because he is the unknown card. Most of us don’t like how we are dealt the cards by the known dealer, so to some he is a choice because he just may trump the deck in our favor.

I think many of us are so tired of being told we are not politically correct or that we have to always watch our mouths even if someone is blatantly unfair to us. The other day at a sporting event, there was a rough looking kid behind me who kept pushing at the back of my seat. The he and his friend lit up a cigarette and were blowing the smoke in my hair. Evidently, they wanted to get a reaction. When he didn’t, I heard him in a loud voice state, “Those f***cking white people.” And expressed hatred. I kept silent because I decided to ignore the attack.

My husband and I moved. I am not sure what he was talking about…whether he didn’t like the way us white people were cheering the team or what. Then as my husband and I left during the break, he tried to get a reaction out of my husband by staring at him belligerently. My husband ignored him and told me “Don’t turn around. Don’t stare back.” I guess that is again what the bullies want you to do: engage with them. Other than that, we enjoyed the game. There were 6000 people there enjoying the game. The bullies think they can win, but we know what they are about. There are too many good people who are observant and except for the few anomalies, we keep living our life.