I overheard a good piece of advice on the news last night which involved the interview of a Doctor interviewed as part of the crowd in the truck attack in Nice. He stated to the reporter very aptly and without much pomp, “I acted and then I thought about it later.” His training and quick reflexes were put to good use as he helped those downed by the truck driven randomly into the crowd celebrating Bastille Day.

Ok, I thought reflecting on what he said. This was great advice! How many of us have a bad day or receive news which numbs us and renders us paralyzed with inaction or even worse creates a flurry of random action and sometimes when we make decisions during this time; they aren’t in our best interests. And isn’t this what some wanting to terrorize us wait for: our separation and inability to cope.

The world is seeing many changes and will continue to change. Individually some of our changes to our lives are harsh and not everyone is looking out for our interests. So, that means we must have a plan of action but yet reflect upon it later. Often if we have too many choices, we flounder in a sea of inactivity. Sometimes we are prodded to action by events we cannot control.

During this time, I am very grateful to those who work in the United States to protect our interests. They are succeeding and as for the individual success of each of us, I understand it is up to us. We have to act and then wait for the consequences because by not acting or making the choice, we render ourselves behind the eight ball.