maybe, buy a gourmet cupcake from a small mom and pop and smile happily…..well, last week we went to Saint Petersburgh and visited Mazzaro’s for lunch which is a wonderful Italian style deli. I enjoyed a visual nirvana of the dessert tray which was very near the coffee bar. We ate outside on the patio speared by beautiful fans misting water.

People watching was great and the place was packed. So it was a visual orgy with the cupcakes but that was good for me as we wolfed down lunch. I thought how well our cupcakes would fit in with the overall design at Mazzaro’s.

And today, I will finish working on some powerpoints for next semester. I think that leaves the beach for next week, still planning a vacation (short) but I have read that it is a great stress buster. Evidently going on a vacation brings on some stresses also! So, planning for now; next week, Doctor’s appointment at the VA; and the walk through the outdoor mall where again appreciation will be visual for now. The plate of gourmet cupcakes is from our store Cupcake Cache.  They fit in well!